Communal Spiders Invade Dallas Park, Massive Web Extends 40 Feet Into Trees [Video]

Residents of Dallas, Texas are mortified at the appearance of a collection of massive communal spider webs that have accumulated at Lakeside Park in Rowlett.

NBC Dallas Fort Worth reported on the sprawling web that has sent shivers down the spines of curious onlookers. The massive web of silk has become the new home to thousands of spiders in the park. The arachnids can be seen scurrying through the webs, feasting on the multitude of insects that have been caught within the web. The weight of the webs has pulled branches downward, creating a draped effect within the trees. The actual webs are estimated to extend at least 40 feet toward the tree tops.

ABC 13 News reached out to resident to get their thoughts on the webs, receiving mixed results.

Jennifer Kolmes, a self-proclaimed science nerd, is fascinated by the appearance of the communal webs.

“It’s just so cool I don’t know, I am just a science nerd, I guess. I just love this sort of thing.”

Barry Clinger also thinks it is a fantastic sight.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I think it’s just amazing.”

However, an individual going by the name Ladyfon, spoke what is on a lot of visitor’s minds.

“Only good spider is a dead spider!”

Entomologists believe the spiders to be rather harmless to any humans in the area. It is believed that the spiders arrived as a result of the influx of insects in the area, creating a buffet of sorts for the arachnids. Although their massive communal web is an eyesore, a nuisance, and quite frighting to anyone with a slight hint of arachnophobia, their presence could result in a positive impact on the environment as the multitude of insects become meals for the spiders.

If viewed from a close distance, the scurrying spiders can be seen attacking the mosquitoes and flies that are trapped in the web, removing them from the ecosystem while replenishing their own nutrition. It is thought that the spiders will move on after the food source is consumed. Where they migrate to is unknown.

The vision of creepy crawly spiders and their massive communal web seems better fit for a Halloween horror story. However, for the residents of Rowlett Texas, near Dallas, the reality of the spiders is happening now.

There are currently no plans to remove the spiders at this time. Instead, they are being left to their own devices.

[Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images News]