Spoiler Alert: 'The Affair' Season 2 Trailers Released From Showtime Sending #TheAffair Soaring On Twitter [Videos]

It's Season 2 of The Affair that fans have been waiting for quite some time. As reported by the Inquisitr, The Affair on Showtime proved to have a long Season 2 wait for fans who fell in love with the first season of the show. It isn't just one trailer from Season 2 of the Golden Globe-winning The Affair, but lots of trailer videos that show the drama yet to come.

Now, the hashtag called #TheAffair on Twitter has just began trending after The Affair revealed their Season 2 trailer. As seen in the new video going viral on YouTube, The Affair picks right up where it left off in Season 1. The video titled "The Affair Season 2 | Official Trailer | Ruth Wilson & Dominic West Showtime Series" shows Noah Solloway and Alison Bailey sitting on the couch. She kisses him, reassuring him everything will be all right. That's when a knock at the door brings back Detective Jeffries, played by the King of Queens "Deacon" Victor Williams, telling Noah that he's under arrest. Alison promises to get Noah out of the melee.

Don't miss the new season of The Affair beginning Sunday, October 4th at 10PM ET/PT. Starring Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney, and Joshua Jackson.
As reported by IMDB, the second season of The Affair doesn't launch until October 4. The latest YouTube video Season 2 trailer corroborates that Season 2 start date, again proving a long wait for loving fans of The Affair.

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The latest trailers finally reveal more of what's haunting Noah, including the mysterious death that has been talked and teased about all throughout the first season. Also, Noah's writer's block is gone and his publishing contacts are after him to submit the final copy of his latest book. Noah keeps saying that it is a work of fiction. However, his friend wonders aloud if it isn't more memoir-like and based upon his affair with Alison that has turned into a new, more permanent union.

Noah questions whether Alison has read his manuscript while her ex-husband plays around with it and asking if she'll ever come back. Alison gets jealous when Noah's ex-wife helps bail him out of jail, while she blames her mom for dooming her marriage to Noah.

Tellingly, Alison wears a wedding ring in court and holds a baby. It's a big step for the woman who was haunted by losing her child with her ex-husband.

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