Is Bethenny Frankel Dating Around On Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet?

For months, rumors have been running about reality star Bethenny Frankel and Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet. Up until now, Frankel has denied having a relationship with Stonestreet, but when she was recently asked by the Today show, she didn’t confirm or deny.

In fact, Bethenny said that she’s dating around, which leads us to believe that she’s dating around on the Modern Family star. While promoting her book, I Suck at Relationships, the Real Housewife star said, “I am dating and I am having a really good time. In my book, I Suck at Relationships, I talk about working the burners. You want something on simmer, something boiling, taken something off.”

Samantha Guthrie interrupted Frankel, “Wait do you have multiple burners going right now?” While Frankel didn’t exactly say she did or didn’t, she did elaborate on why it’s important to date around, or in her words, to have “burners.”

“I mean, I may be working the burners. I think that’s what women should do. I mean, I haven’t been that lucky in relationships, so it’s going to be a while until I profess my undying love, but the Today show will be the first place that I tell if I have anything to tell, because you know I’m an open book.”

Guthrie cut to the chase and asked again if she was dating Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, and she gave a different answer for a change. “I’m not making it a habit of confirming or denying anything because then it will be likes roaches: You’ll have to kill them all. So, I’m just saying that I’m happy and in the fall I intend to be very, very sexually active.”

This follows the shocking claim that she’s a cheater. The Inquisitr reported that Frankel had to learn that cast mate Ramona Singer was talking behind her back. Bethenny found out that Ramona told Heather Thompson that she had cheated on her first husband. Frankel explained how she confronted Ramona’s allegation.

“I called Ramona out for calling me a cheater during a relationship 20 years ago. It’s kind of ironic when a dress thief tells you you’re a cheater. So that was fun. There will be more on this.”

Currently, Frankel is still in the process of divorcing her second husband, Jason Hoppy. Although nothing is finalized yet, it sounds like Bethenny is having the time of her life dating as a single lady again.

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