Alien Base And UFO Spaceships Spotted On Google Moon — Evidence Of Alien Presence On The Moon, According to UFO Hunter

Intriguing claims in 2014 of alien base and UFO spaceship discoveries on the Moon by YouTube UFO hunter Atraviesa, using Google Moon are attracting attention once again due to the spectacular nature of the finds.

The alien base and UFO spaceship that Atraviesa claimed he discovered caught the attention of the UFO community because their structures were familiar to many veteran online UFO hunters and thus appeared to confirm a pattern with regard to alleged lunar alien bases and UFOs.

After more than a year that Atraviesa first claimed that he discovered an alien base and spaceship in the lunar coordinates 23° 5’17.67″N 27°17’57.95″E and 25°19’50.27″N 2°18’13.34″E respectively, an alien/UFO hunter is making new claims of new discoveries in the vicinity.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring recently looked at the coordinates specified by Atravesia and reported that he discovered a black alien ship at 25°19’2.82″N 2°15’56.36″E, near the spectacular streamlined spaceship Atraviesa claimed he discovered in 2014 (see images below).

Note that Atraviesa’s spaceship (see above) looks remarkably like a modern jet fighter.

“Its shape and size was similar to other structures I have seen, so I had to have a look at it. The coordinates he gave took me right there, but not far away, above and to the left is this smaller black ship. The black ship is shaped like a whale of sorts. Aliens are copying natures design. The perfect schematics.”

UFOlogist Discovers Alien Space Ship On The Moon

Waring estimates the size of the black ship at about 26.5 meters and the alien base near the ship about 182 meters.

Waring claims that the alien base that atraviesa discovered had three artificial lights, indicating that the base was still occupied by aliens and that the ships nearby were parked ships still in use.

“Now the base Altraviesa found has three lights shining from it. The fourth is just a reflection.This means at the time this photo was taken…someone was home. And that ship nearby…belongs to them and is in working condition.”

UFO Hunter Atraviesa Claimed He Discovered An Alien Spaceship On The Moon In 2014

However, discoveries of large alien ships near each other on the lunar and Martian surfaces have caused many UFO enthusiasts to believe that technologically advanced alien civilizations use the surfaces of deserted planets and other astronomical bodies as junk-yards for unsalvageable equipment and spacecrafts.

Thus, alleged discoveries of alien technological artifacts on the surface of the Moon and the Mars are often cited as evidence of alien activity in our locality of space.

UFO hunters Secureteam10 recently claimed that they sighted a TR3B-type alien spaceship abandoned on the lunar surface.

In March, UFO hunters Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club (MMSPZC) claimed they sighted a flying saucer UFO abandoned on the Martian surface.

But while UFO hunters push these startling and extravagant claims, skeptics dismiss them as delusional perceptions caused by the psychological phenomenon known as paredolia. But UFO hunters scoff at skeptics’ arguments, alleging that NASA promotes the pareidolia argument as a way of keeping people in the dark about the reality of extraterrestrial life surrounding them.

[Images: YouTube/Atraviesa; UFO Sightings Daily]