August 11, 2015
Duggar Family Updates: Jessa Duggar's Hell Post Causes Controversy, Jana Duggar Gets Treated Like A Little Kid

The Duggar family is no longer on TV, but its many members are finding ways to stay in the spotlight. The Duggars are using social media to keep their fans updated on their lives, but sometimes what they share online fails to please their faithful followers. Jessa Duggar discovered this for the upteenth time when she decided to use Instagram as a pulpit to preach about hell.

According to SheKnows, the Duggar family's only remaining pregnant member caused a minor outrage when she warned her fans that non-believers will be damned. Jessa Duggar's religious followers didn't disagree with this, but many of them did take issue with the way she's trying to convince nonbelievers to change their views. The former 19 Kids and Counting star was criticized for going heavy on the fear and light on the love.

Below, you can read Jessa Duggar's full Instagram post in all its fire-and-brimstone glory. It's full of fear, torment, damnation, and pain.


One of Jessa's Instagram followers responded to her post by begging her to put a little love in her judgmental heart.

"The Bible says the GOODNESS of God brings people to repentance," the commenter wrote. "We need to be showing the world LOVE not telling them they will be 'damned'. Gods [sic] love is so amazing and powerful! He's got such a huge heart for all of his kids!! Please remember that we need to be posting LOVE!! And not scaring people into heaven but leading them by His grace and Love!"

Another commenter expressed her belief that Jessa Duggar needs to work on changing her negative mindset while she's pregnant.

"I believe that God is love and whoever believes this and shares his love will help others to find God. What you write is fear mongering. It is not a place you should be dwelling while you are pregnant with the greatest gift that Love can give you. Your child is a gift of trust that God has given you and needs to be only exposed to the kindness and love that will truly make him/her love the Lord."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, this isn't the Jessa's only recent Instagram post that has caused controversy. Maybe the stay-at-home mom just needs to find a fun activity that will help her relax so that she can start thinking more positively. Luckily for Jessa, her mom has come up with a great way to unwind. Michelle Duggar recently shared a post on the Duggar Family Facebook page that shows a large chunk of the Duggar family hanging out together and coloring in coloring books.

Duggar Family Coloring Contest

"There are so many ways to have fun as a family," Michelle captioned the photo above. "This weekend we had a spontaneous all ages coloring contest. You have to admit, no matter how old you are coloring can be fun! The most important thing is turning off every distraction, setting down our devices and spending wonderful face time with our children! What are some fun spontaneous things your family does together?"

As you can see, 25-year-old Jana Duggar was part of the family's coloring contest. Many 19 Kids and Counting fans want poor "Cinderella Duggar" to get a life of her own and move away from home, but it looks like she's still being used as a babysitter while being treated like a child. In addition to helping out with her brothers and sisters, Jana is also spending time with Anna and Josh Duggar's baby girl. The photo below shows Jana cuddling little Meredith.


Do you still enjoy keeping up with the Duggar family even though their show has been cancelled?

[Image credits: Duggar Family Instagram, Jessa Duggar Instagram]