Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen Share Kisses on ‘Anger Management’: “We Had a Lot of Fun”

When it was reported that Denise Richards would be guest-starring on ex-hubby Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, it ruffled a few eyebrows. After all, the two were embroiled in a vicious and highly-publicized divorce several years ago, and some of the things Richards has said about Sheen are pretty damning. But playing a guest-role on Sheen’s new show wasn’t that bad for the former celebrity couple. The two seemed to get along pretty well.

really well.

“I got a little nervous when we shot our first scene together because I looked up and I realized everyone was staring at us,” Richards told E! last night at the Golden Hearts Awards. “But I really think it’s more weird for everyone else than it was for us,” she said. “We get along well, and it’s been a long time. We met working and we’ve worked together many times since then.”

If Anger Management gets picked up, Richards’ character will likely re-appear in future episodes. The show is loosely based on the Adam Sandler film of the same name, and stars Sheen as a former professional baseball player who becomes a therapist.

The role Richards plays? One of Sheen’s love interests. Familiar territory. When asked about the possibility of on-screen kissing between the two, Richards teased “Maybe,” then side-lining, “We had a lot of fun together.”

She has also hinted that she’s not done having kids. Having recently adopted 10-month-old Eloise, the 42-year-old actress isn’t quite over the “new mom” feeling yet. “I would be lying if I said I was finished,” she said.

Are you going to watch Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management if it gets picked up?

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