‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Patch 9 Adds A Free Multiplayer Character, Includes Support For Next DLC

Ahead of this week’s launch of the next piece of story-based DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare has launched a new free title update for the fantasy game. While detailing what was included as part of Patch 9, the developer surprised Dragon Age: Inquisition fans by announcing that the latest update brings a new multiplayer character to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

After downloading today’s free update, gamers can try out Dragon Age: Inquisition’s newest playable multiplayer agent. This newly added character gives players access to a new female dwarven warrior named Pala.

“Patch 9 introduces Pala, the Silent Sister, a new playable multiplayer character. A member of the Silent Sisters of Orzammar, Pala is a zealous dwarven warrior with an unwavering dedication to the art of war. Pala willingly chose exile to join the Inquisition in its perpetual struggle against the enemies of Thedas.”

Pala is a member of a new faction within Dragon Age: Inquisition known as the Silent Sisters. After taking a vow of silence, these stout combatants turn the focus onto improving their martial skills. On the official Dragon Age: Inquisition website, BioWare character designer Luke Barrett described Pala as a fighter who isn’t afraid to plunge headfirst into battle.

“We nicknamed Pala ‘the silent wrecking ball’ because her gameplay revolves around using Charging Bull to get into the middle of the fray and then wreaking havoc on all surrounding enemies. She builds guard on each hit, and a lot of her abilities can hit multiple enemies, so you really benefit from being surrounded.”

In addition to bringing a new multiplayer character to Dragon Age: Inquisition, Patch 9 also fixed a small number of known issues that should help improve the game’s performance across all platforms. Before the official patch notes for the new update were made public, Dragon Age: Inquisition creative director Mike Laidlaw mentioned that the download should also include files to prepare gamers for Tuesday’s launch of “The Decent” DLC on current-gen platforms.

In “The Descent,” players will venture underground into Dragon Age’s infamous Deep Roads. While BioWare is currently preparing for this week’s launch of the next story add-on for Inquisition, the developer has already announced that they have even more content already planned for the future. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah confirmed last week that there are even more campaign DLC packs in development.

Are you more excited to try out Dragon Age: Inquisition’s new multiplayer content or the upcoming story-driven DLC?

[Images via Dragon Age]