‘Supergirl’ Trailer Has Arrived — Melissa Benoist Discusses The Pressure Of Being A Role Model

The first trailer for the CBS series Supergirl has finally hit the web. The minute-long teaser shows Glee star Melissa Benoist donning the iconic Supergirl suit and saving a plane full of passengers.

The trailer reveals much of the initial plot of the series, showing Melissa Benoist playing the strong but tentative Kara Danvers. She claims she spent most of her life running from her true identity and hiding her powers, but ultimately decides to embrace the role of Supergirl.

Shortly after Melissa Benoist saves the plane, viewers are treated to a glimpse of upcoming villains, most of whom seem to come from other planets like Supergirl herself. You can even see Melissa Benoist do the infamous act of tearing open her shirt to reveal the “S” symbol hidden underneath.

The trailer seems to capture the upbeat and triumphant tone of the Superman story, featuring lots of dialogue about heroism and justice amidst bright colors and uplifting music. That’s a filmmaking style that Man of Steel was lacking, a criticism voiced by many devoted fans of Superman.

Speaking of Superman, according to the A.V. Club, fans were promised a surprise appearance alongside Melissa Benoist in the show, and the new trailer has delivered. You can see a tiny glimpse of Superman himself as a silhouette.

According to Fox News, Melissa Benoist has been working hard to fit the role of Supergirl, having been raised to avoid conflict.

“In my everyday life, I’ve always been such a pacifist,” said Melissa Benoist. “I grew up in a household full of women, and if you hit someone, it was a huge deal, even just a slap. The butt kicking is new. That’s a new muscle I’m flexing, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I liked it.”

In addition to changing her persona to portray a butt-kicking hero, Melissa Benoist has also had to train hard to get into physical shape for the role, because she believes it’s important to be a strong role model for young girls everywhere.

“I’ve had to train quite a bit. I’ve been training since the pilot and before. It’s challenging. It’s tiring. It’s a good thing, though. She’s got to be really, really tough and strong to show girls and anyone that you can overcome the things that you’re afraid of.”

What do you think of the Supergirl trailer? Is Melissa Benoist the right actress to play the beloved superheroine?

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[Image courtesy of CBS]

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