Bigfoot Sighting? Man Captures Video Of ‘Bigfoot’ In North Carolina

A supposed Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina is making headlines today. According to NewsMax, fuzzy footage of something that looks like a Sasquatch was posted online, and people have been talking about it ever since.

“Either there’s a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke,” said Eric Walters, who took the video while walking his dog on Thursday. He said that he was staying in a rental property on Buck Forest Road while vacationing with his wife when he saw something really strange — and he caught it on camera.

He hasn’t been available for comment since the video went viral.

The Bigfoot sighting has reignited debates about whether or not Bigfoot actually exists. Since there hasn’t really been a “clear” video of the hairy creature, people have done their best to figure out whether or not stuff like this is legitimate.

Meanwhile, the chief marketing officer of Carolina Mornings Inc., is having a grand old time fielding phone calls and emails. Gay Weber joked that even Bigfoot enjoyed the popular vacation spot, and turned this media attention into an opportunity to plug the property.

“I’m flattered that even Bigfoot knows that Carolina Mornings is the best vacation rental company in Western North Carolina. My inbox is blowing up… it is a great cabin in a beautiful location,” said Weber.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, Mr. Walters initially thought the thing that he saw in the grass was a bear, but he quickly realized that it wasn’t.

“Strangely, the creature is not walking on the roadway but rather through waist-tall vegetation. After being spotted, it strides away at a pretty good clip before disappearing into the woods. Walters said he had been warned there were bear in the region. That’s what he thought he saw at first,” reports The San Diego Union-Tribune.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the apelike creature, and many wonder if it is some sort of “missing link” on the human evolution chart.

“In some corners of the science world, Bigfoot is thought to be the ‘missing link’ in human evolution. According to some people, there is a gap in the evolutionary tree of humans. It has been theorized that the leap to becoming humans was too broad of a jump on the evolutionary scale. Some people believe that another creature must have come before the human.”

[Photo via YouTube]