Bigfoot Sighting North Carolina: Does This Video Show Mythical Figure? [Video]

Was a Bigfoot sighting thwarted by a dog that runs on batteries? Eric Walters, taking some time off to vacation in Hendersonville when he inadvertently captured a Bigfoot sighting on his video camera. The potential Bigfoot sighting took place when Walters was taking his dog, Zippy, for a walk in the forest. Eric thought that he saw a man and a bear in the woods farther away from him. Zippy was not a fan of whatever it was that was in the woods and took off running towards it. Walters took out his cellphone and captured the video from above. What did Eric think about the creature?

“Either it’s a Bigfoot out there or someone tried to make a joke.”

Walters can be heard on the camera breathing heavily. When Zippy scared off the creature, Eric congratulated him.

“Zippy could tell I was scared and got so riled up that he got loose and went after it. It turns out the brave little guy chased the Sasquatch away and saved me from a possible encounter. I love him more than ever.”

Eric posted the video online and asked people to give their opinions on whether this was a real Bigfoot sighting. The consensus on YouTube is that the video is fake.

It is thought that the idea of Bigfoot sightings can be traced all the back to the clay tablets that had the Epic of Gilgamesh etched on them. That was over 4,000 years ago. The actual word, “Bigfoot,” did not become part of our lexicon until the 1950s.

In the United States, Bigfoot sightings are normally located in the Pacific Northwest but they have been spotted elsewhere in the country. In fact, a Bigfoot sighting has occurred in every state except for Hawaii.

In some corners of the science world, Bigfoot is thought to be the “missing link” in human evolution. According to some people, there is a gap in the evolutionary tree of humans. It has been theorized that the leap to becoming humans was too broad of a jump on the evolutionary scale. Some people believe that another creature must have come before the human. The problem is that no fossil records exist for this type of a creature, hence the term “missing link.” Is the creature that we know as Bigfoot the link that scientists and evolutionists are looking for?

What are your thoughts on this Bigfoot sighting video? Do you think Bigfoot really exists?

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