Dog Found: Nine Years After Going Missing, Boozer Reunites With Goldston Family

A dog found nine years after he first went missing has led to one very happy family in Alabama. The family and the dog may have been separated for almost a decade, but a simple process managed to reunite them. What’s the scoop on this happy reunion?

According to KUSA, Lloyd Goldston and his family lost Boozer when they were in the process of moving from Tennessee to Alabama nearly a decade ago. Though they looked for the pup at the time, the move made it difficult to search intensively it seems. They never forgot the boxer named Boozer and even kept a photo album filled with pictures of him.

Reports indicate that the man who had owned Boozer most recently moved from out of state to Denver and was no longer able to care for the boxer. The dog was taken to the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado, and they scanned the dog for a microchip. As it happens, Boozer had a chip.

The microchip carried the Goldston’s information, but for their previous home in Tennessee. However, the shelter managed to track down the Goldston family in Alabama. The Gazette shares that the Goldston family drove out to Colorado and reunited with the dog found nine years after he went missing.

Lloyd and his two children made the 18-hour drive to the Foothills Animal Shelter, and it seems that quite a few tears were shed during the reunion. The family hugged on Boozer and marveled at how beautiful he is. It seems they are over-the-moon at being reunited after almost a decade apart.

The family was filled with emotion as they waited to reunite with the dog, wondering if he had been taken care of and whether he would recognize them. It did not take long for the dog and family to fall back in love with one another again and the family looks forward to spending a lot of quality time together.

Every once in a while a story circulates about a family being reunited with a dog or cat who had gone missing for some time. Coming across a reunion after nearly a decade, however, is fairly unusual.

The Goldston family says they never forgot Boozer, and now the dog found nine years after going missing has a lot of catching up to do with his original owners. From the looks of things, there is a lot of pampering ahead for Boozer now that he’s back with his original family.

[Image via CP24]