‘Arrow’ Season 4: Castings, Love Interests, And More For The DCTVU

Arrow season 4 is almost here, and the DC TV Universe has been heating up with constant new characters cropping up and finding out just who is going to play them. The Inquisitr reported Wednesday that Stephen Amell was interviewed about some key aspects of Arrow season 4, but still there is so much more Arrow fans are still unaware of, especially with Legends’s of Tomorrow bringing brand new comic book characters to the DCTVU.

According to ComicbookCast, CW recently announced that their casting for Hawkman, who Arrow and The Flash fans only more recently was joining the DCTVU with his hawkish series regular counterpart Hawkgirl. White House Down/Arrested Development star Falk Hantschel, a German actor, will be filling the wings for CW and DCTVU’s Hawkman. Hopefully, fans will not hold it against Hanstschel for being cast prior in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is Marvel TV. There is no word when he will show up, or how often he will make it into Arrow season 4, but its a small connected universe.

According to TV Line, Thea Queen and Roy Harper might officially be no more in Arrow Season 4. Arrow’s fourth season will be introducing a new love interest for the new red clad arrow shooter in the Queen family, but very little seems to be known about him.

“There will be life after love for Thea, and it rears its ‘handsome, charming, witty’ head in Episode 5 in the form of Alex, a sharp and polished political consultant who will eventually get Speedy to utter these two very important words: ‘Roy who?'”

It would be safe to say Thea Queen/Red Arrow/Speedy might want to be leery, since the last charming boy she let into her life and club tried to kill her. Not to mention political figures that her brother Green Arrow chose to trust in Arrow, that turned out to be Brother Blood. You know, the guy with the creepy mask that helped Deathstroke take over Starling city?

Last, but not least, Comicbook reports that CW has made another crossover DCTVU casting choice for a DC villain named Vandal Savage. Victor Crump, of Helium and Tarzan, will be playing the Legends of Tomorrow big bad.

Vandal Savage will have staying power, not unlike Malcolm Merlyn, and will be a villain to lookout for in Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow for more than just tomorrow. For those unfamiliar with the new DCTVU villain, he is described as follows.

“immortal, having spent the past 6,000 years moving like a virulent disease through history, whispering in the ears of despots and dictators, all leading to his eventual domination of the world.”

Big bads, love interests, and hawkmen are adding to an already intriguing Arrow season for and the DCTVU writ large. Not to mention the Arrow Season 4’s “magic and mysticism” plot line, which many Constantine fans will lure the exorcist, demonologist, and occult detective back into the DCTVU after NBC gave his solo show axe.

[Image Via Arrow Wikia/CW]