Jessa Duggar Seewald Posts Video About Racism In America, Blames Evolution Supporters For Race War [Video]

The Duggar family has had their fair share of controversies over the years, but one Duggar daughter is taking to YouTube to answer questions surrounding the family’s faith. Jessa Seewald, the most recently wed Duggar, is using her YouTube account to answer questions about Christianity presented by some of her fans. The most recently discussed topic on Seewald’s video account discusses racism in America and how Christians should handle the topic.

In the video uploaded to Jessa Seewald’s YouTube account, Ben Seewald sits down with his “brother in Christ” Dante Berry. The video discusses how Christians should respond to racism in America and begins with Ben Seewald stating that the racially-charged crimes seem to be on the rise and that there seems to be a lot of tension between blacks and whites portrayed in the media. He asks Dante to explain what is going on and how Christians should handle the situation.

Dante notes that racism and racial tension are effective ways for the devil to place a wedge between fellow Christians by dividing God’s house. He refers to Mark 3:25 noting that racial tension will divide the house making it impossible for it to stand. Therefore, he says adults need to stand up and lead by example as the youth is not divided racially. Instead, he says that each person needs to look inward to see if they have a single racist bone in their body, and if they find one, remove it.

The sage advice is then followed with Ben Seewald noting that false religions and evolution could be to blame for the racial tension as evolution claims that some races are more evolved than others. However, Ben says that it is all nonsense and that in Christ we are all one and that we can’t fall for this “race war nonsense.”

This isn’t the first time that Jessa Seewald and the Duggar family have taken a hit for their claims that evolution is a false teaching. The Duggars have been very vocal about their creationism point-of-view and have openly stated that they believe evolution is not real. In fact, Jessa recently stated that she felt the Holocaust was the result of teachings of evolution.

What do you think about the Ben Seewald’s opinion that evolution teaches people to be racist by claiming that some races are more evolved than others?

[Image Credit: YouTube]