‘First Response’: Some True-Story Cases, Plus ‘Devious Maids’ Star Dania Ramirez Premieres In Lifetime Movie Tonight

First Response is a dramatic new original movie that is airing tonight on the Lifetime Movie Channel (LNM).

LMN has offered an amazing summer lineup for 2015. First Response is another brand-new movie that is sure to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. What makes tonight’s movie even more exciting is that Devious Maids star Dania Ramirez is set to appear, making this must-see movie a fan favorite. First Response also stars Kristopher Turner as Gerry and Joris Jarsky as Austin. It is written by Doug Barber and James Phillips, with Philippe Gagnon directing.

It all unfolds inside of an ambulance where paramedics Camilla and her partner Gerry are suddenly hijacked by a pair of masked bandits who’ve just committed armed robbery. Refusing to allow the paramedics to transport the wounded robber to a hospital, Camilla and her partner are forced to attend to him while inside of the ambulance. For Camilla and Gerry, the ambulance has become a trap, but for the robbers, it’s the perfect hideaway.

Will Camilla and her partner Gerry be able to save the hijacker before he dies? Or will this be Camilla and Gerry’s last ride? Set your clocks to watch #FirstResponse tonight at 8 p.m. on Lifetime Movie Channel (LMN). First Response entertains themes of violence, armed robbery, and other frightening situations. It is produced by Incendo Productions.

The movie’s plot seems far-fetched, but in real life, paramedics and ambulances have been hijacked. In 1990, Stillwater prison inmate Clyde Scott had an outside doctor’s appointment. In route to the appointment, Scott hijacked the ambulance, taking two paramedics hostage and leading law enforcement officials on a chase. He used a fake gun during the hijacking.

In 2005, a Texas man booted one paramedic out of the ambulance while one paramedic and a patient were trapped inside. He was later apprehended without incident. An Ohio patient under psychiatric care hijacked a medical technician team in 2006. The patient was later arrested. Two paramedics sustained minor injuries but were later released from a local hospital.

Dania Ramirez was born Dania Jissel Ramirez in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She has been acting since 1997. In addition to Devious Maids, the beautiful Latina actress has appeared in HBO’s Subway Stories and in the 2004 movie She Hate Me.

Check out the First Response tease and trailer.

“After a robbery gone wrong, Camilla, a veteran paramedic, and her partner Gerry are hijacked and forced to tend to the gunman’s badly wounded brother. Held at gunpoint in the back of the rig, Camilla must perform dangerous medical procedures in order to try and save the young man’s life, while Gerry drives around the city evading the police. But even if she is successful, can she trust the criminals to honor their word and let them go? Camilla realizes she may have to sacrifice the life she is trying to save in order to save herself and her partner.”

Before tuning in to First Response on LMN, check out Fatal Memories 2015, which is slated to air on Lifetime at 6 p.m.

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