‘Fatal Memories’ 2015: Lifetime Movie Airs Tonight, Not Based On Previous True Story

Fatal Memories 2015 is a captivating new original movie that is slated to air on the Lifetime Network tonight.

Lifetime television continues to be the leading channel for women, always offering compelling and thrilling content on a daily basis. Fatal Memories 2015 should not be confused with the 1990s movie of the same title starring Shelley Duval, a movie that was based on a true story. Fatal Memories 2015 stars Italia Ricci as Sutton Roberts, Magda Apanowicz as April Parker, and Kevin McNulty as Orly Chambers, according to the Internet Movies Database (IMDb).

In tonight’s presentation, April is a suspect in the murder of her mother, who was savagely stabbed to death. Her sister Sutton, a successful attorney, does everything possible to prove her sister innocent. The question is: Did April really do it? To find out, tune in tonight at 7/6 central on Lifetime. Then let us know how you liked it using #FatalMemories.

Directed by Farhad Mann and written by Crystal Verge, Fatal Memories is produced by Memories Productions, Reel One Entertainment, and Odyssey Medi. Here are Lifetime’s tease and trailer.

“Sutton’s life is turned upside down when her mother is stabbed to death and her sister April is the leading suspect in the murder case. Suffering from severe emotional trauma, with no memory of the events surrounding the murder, April is sent to an asylum. Upon April’s release, Sutton is certain of her sister’s innocence and is determined to put the past behind them, despite the police department’s lingering suspicions. But as the past resurfaces and events start to put her family in danger, Sutton begins to question her sister’s innocence and realizes that she has to get April to recover her memory to stop the killer from striking again.”

In real life, there have been several cases where individuals have had fatal memories involving the deaths of family members or family friends. In many instances, the individual remembered actually witnessing the murder of a person. These fatal memories have been instrumental in securing murder convictions. However, due to the controversy surrounding fatal memories, many of which have been recalled during guided hypnosis sessions, have ended in overturned convictions. Some of these true stories have been documented in books and movies.

Director Crystal Verge is a successful screenplay writer who enjoys working in non-fiction. In addition to her movies, her work has appeared in several magazines, such as the National Post. Fatal Memories 2015 has themes of violence, murder, and hypnosis. The Inquisitr recently reported on two other Lifetime movies: The Bride He Bought Online and Lethal Seduction.

[Photo Credit: Reel One Entertainment/Lifetime Network]

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