Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Announcement [Viral Video]

Kelly SikkemaUnsplash

Normally it’s the wife’s job to tell her husband they are expecting another child, but in this extremely cute video, the husband conspires to find out the truth and makes the pregnancy announcement to her instead.

Sam and Nia are a couple of vloggers on YouTube, and Sam decided to take their vlogging to a whole new level by filming the moment he made the pregnancy announcement to Nia and their two children.

The story begins one morning. Nia is cooking breakfast for the family, and Sam goes into the bathroom, telling her he will be some time.


It turns out that Nia has mentioned that she is two weeks late, and while this doesn’t guarantee pregnancy, Sam took it upon himself to find out if she was pregnant. Apparently, his wife has a tiny bladder and has to visit the bathroom several times during the night. To avoid waking the children, she doesn’t flush, so sitting there in the bowl was the perfect specimen for a pregnancy test.

While it might freak some people out, what he then does is to push the bud of the pregnancy test device into the urine in the toilet bowl. He then touches it to the sensor in the test device to see what happens.

He is overjoyed when the red coloring first hit the first line, then the second, meaning that Nia was, indeed, pregnant.

He heads into the kitchen to make his pregnancy announcement, but first drops hints, like “are you getting wine for us?” and then telling her she is not allowed wine.

He then tells the kids he is pregnant and they tell him no, only mommies can have babies. While Nia is enjoying what she thinks is a prank on his part, Sam tells her to reach into his pocket. She does so and finds the positive pregnancy test. From there on in it is happiness all around.

After making his pregnancy announcement in video form, the family is now going to keep all their subscribers informed throughout the pregnancy, and Sam is planning a time lapse as Nia’s baby bump grows.

Looking at Sam and Nia’s Facebook page, they are high school sweethearts and certainly appear to be the perfect family. Anyone wanting to follow their story can subscribe to their very cute YouTube channel.

The video of the whole pregnancy announcement story was uploaded to YouTube on August 5 and is already heading for a very impressive 10 million views at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, talking pregnancy, the Inquisitr is alive with rumors that Christine Ouzounian, who was employed by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, is pregnant with Ben’s baby. That’s one pregnancy announcement that particular family would not like to make.