Christine Ouzounian Pregnant: Ben Affleck’s Mistress Reportedly Planned To Get Pregnant After Falling For The Actor

Christine Ouzounian may now be pregnant, with reports claiming that the alleged mistress of Ben Affleck may have planned her pregnancy in order to get her hands on the actress.

In the last week, Ouzounian has emerged as the alleged “other woman” who led to the split between Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner. Sources close to the couple claim that Ouzounian, the couple’s nanny, fell for Ben after he and Jen decided to separate.

The relationship grew from there, Radar Online reported.

“By then, Christine was planning to get pregnant by Ben — and was trying to seduce him!” a source told the outlet. “She wanted to be in the ‘family way’ real bad!”

It was during a family vacation that Jennifer Garner reportedly found out about the relationship.

“Jen sent Christine packing and booted Ben from the trip, too!” the source said.

Jen later found out that Ben Affleck had taken Christine Ouzounian to a secret trip to Las Vegas, a revelation that crushed any hope that Ben and Jen could save their marriage.

Radar Online filled in some of the details, saying Jen had to leave the Bahamas vacation to attend some business in Boston and Montreal and that Ben and Christine got “cozy” in her absence.

“After Garner returned to the Bahamas, she could sense something was wrong. ‘Christine was acting emotional,’ says the insider, who noted Ouzounian told Garner she was upset over a recent breakup with her fiancé.

“Garner sent Ouzounian packing, concerned that her children would become upset over their nanny’s state. Not surprisingly, Affleck decided he should give Ouzounian a ride back to the West Coast on his jet, explaining he had to be in Las Vegas anyway.

“However, Ouzounian never made it to Los Angeles. Instead, she and Affleck laid over in Vegas, where he played in a charity poker game.”

The relationship reportedly continued even after Ben and Jen announced their split. Photographers captured Ouzounian visiting Affleck at his home in Los Angeles on July 17, which was three weeks after the couple publicly announced their divorce. She was also seen running errands in Ben’s Lexus, despite her employment with the family ending two weeks before that.

While it’s not confirmed whether Christine Ouzounian is pregnant, sources say she has plans for something more with Ben Affleck.

“She thinks they’re meant to be together,” an insider told the New York Daily News. “She says that it’s perfect because the kids love her.”

“I think she really wants it to happen,” the source added, “but at the same time, she’s not crazy — I really do think there is something to the relationship.”

But sources close to Affleck are contesting reports that that Christine Ouzounian is pregnant. A friend told E! News that the rumors are simply “not true.”

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