Stephen A. Smith Rips Jay Cutler In Must-See Video

Stephen A. Smith has always been known as a harsh critic of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, but Smith took his criticism of Cutler one step further on a recent edition of First Take on ESPN.

When asked about Cutler on the show, Smith went on a full-fledged tirade against the much-criticized quarterback. Cutler is no stranger to attacks from the media, rightly or wrongly, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a time when a broadcaster has been this direct about their negative feelings for Jay.

Smith’s rant started when he was asked about recent comments former Bears’ receiver Brandon Marshall made about his former quarterback in Denver and Chicago. Marshall recently told reporters that he was the only person in Chicago that held Cutler accountable (despite former Bears coach Marc Trestman benching Cutler last season).

At that point, Smith let loose on Cutler the athlete and Cutler the person. During his on-air tirade, Smith called Cutler a “loser,” “one of the worst people to be a quarterback in the NFL that I have ever seen,” and “pathetic.” Smith acknowledged that Cutler is an incredibly talented player, but he calls him a “loser” due to the fact that Cutler has all the intangibles and athletic ability, more so than many quarterbacks, but has only has achieved moderate success in the league. In Smith’s view, Cutler’s waste of his talent is what makes him a “loser.”

You can view the full video below.

There are many allegations from Smith in the video, some of which have not been reported before. Smith alleges that at times in the past, Cutler has actually thrown incomplete passes on purpose. He alleges that teammates of Cutler’s have felt that he does not care (it’s worth noting that Jay has been voted a team captain multiple times by his teammates).

While Smith hit on many topics that have bugged Bears fans for years, he also got one basic fact wrong when it comes to Jay Cutler. Smith mentioned Cutler being a “type two diabetic,” which is not the case. Smith brought up this point to give Jay the benefit of the doubt when it comes to mood swings. Cutler, however, suffers from type one diabetes, a much different condition than type two diabetes.

Type one diabetes develops in an individual when, through no fault of their own, their pancreas stops producing insulin. Doctors do not know what causes this to happen, but it typically occurs in younger individuals, hence it’s nickname “juvenile on-set diabetes.” Type one diabetics then rely on insulin shots for insulin to handle the sugar in their blood flow. Jay Cutler was diagnosed with type one diabetes in 2008 while still a member of the Denver Broncos.

Type two diabetics, who are typically older individuals or overweight individuals, suffer from a condition that develops when a person does not absorb the insulin that their pancreas still produces. It can often times be treated with oral medication. Lifestyle choices can lead to someone developing type two diabetes, but that is not the case with type one diabetes.

As mentioned previously, this is not the first time that Smith has ranted on Cutler. Last December on First Take, Smith went on a six-minute tirade on Cutler while the Bears were in the midst of one of their worst seasons in several years.

What do you think? Was Smith too hard on Cutler, or do you agree with his comments on #6?

[Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images]