WWE News: CM Punk Comments On Hulk Hogan Racism Scandal

The past couple of weeks, former WWE superstar Hulk Hogan has seen his career disintegrate before his eyes. After audio of him going on a racist tirade was leaked, WWE elected to sever ties with the legendary wrestler. Since then, several names have come forth to give their opinion, and now CM Punk is the latest to offer up his thoughts.

During an interview with Red Eye Chicago, the former multiple-time WWE champion touched upon several topics, including his MMA career, comic book writing, and professional wrestling. But the most notable wrestling-related discussion was likely his thoughts on Hogan.

In what many may view as an uncharacteristically somber response, Punk downplayed the circumstances surrounding Hogan’s tirade, claiming that he should not be judged for comments from several years ago.

“I don’t really have a comment on it. Like I said, though, stuff that you say can come back and bite you in the a**. Everybody gets what they deserve in the world. Hopefully he issued a sincere apology and we can all move on from it.

We all have said stupid things, and I don’t think you should judge somebody on what they said a long time ago. But some of the stuff is harsher than other things. It is what it is.”

It’s a completely different tone and viewpoint from Punk on Hogan than it has been in the past. As the Inquisitr reported several months ago, Punk and Hogan engaged in a heated verbal exchange via social media during the Stanley Cup finals. It all began with Punk questioning the legitimacy of Hogan’s allegiance to the Tampa Bay Lightning in a video.

But that escalated into much more. After some shots from Hogan to Punk via Twitter, the straight-edge superstar ripped into the leader of Hulkamania, using some NSFW language in the process.

Perhaps Punk understands, maybe even feels, for Hogan this time, considering the mountain of controversy he’s currently buried under. And it does not appear that Hogan’s uphill climb will be getting any easier anytime soon.

There are rumors circulating that Hogan could face charges during his current lawsuit with Gawker, the company that leaked a sex tape involving him. The reports indicate that Hogan may have lied either to the judge under oath or to the police during the investigation. Lying under oath would put his freedom in jeopardy; lying to the police will not help his case, either.

While Hogan may have to do what’s right — fight for his life — he can at least see that Punk is the latest person to not add more insult to injury.

[Image by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images