Apple iPhone 6s: Is It A Smart Move To Push The Device Now?

The iPhone 6s is on its way. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Apple has begun mass production on their next mobile device. After all of the speculation centered on the tech company getting prepared to put together the iPhone 7, Apple switches gears to make sure their iPhone 6s is ready for the public. Is the switch to the iPhone 6s a smart move for Apple right now?

Remember a time when the smartphone competition was the iPhone at the top, then everything else? That is no longer the case. For years Apple has lived on its reputation, a stellar reputation at that. The iPhone debuted with a clever design, a bevy of features, and it was easy on the eyes. Apple had the market covered until Samsung, a supplier of Apple, introduced their smartphone series, the Galaxy, as a clear alternative to Apple. The Samsung Galaxy series was billed as a more affordable option.

Device after device, from the Galaxy S phone series, to the different generations of the Galaxy Note and Tablet, Samsung is taking a large chunk of the smartphone market’s pie. As of now, the company is regarded as threats to Apple’s throne.

In a Vanity Fair article published in the summer of 2014, author Kurt Eichenwald delved into detail on the war for handheld device supremacy between Apple and Samsung. The battle has included the accusations of ripped off patents leading to a tense legal battle. It culminated in 2012 after a judge awarded Apple a judgment of $1.5 billion. That award has since been satisfied by Samsung, but it did not cripple their ability to produce innovative products.

Talk of innovation, the Samsung Galaxy Note series is a hybrid smartphone/tablet that Apple has yet to answer. All Apple has done is crank out variations of iPhones. Their next one is an upgraded version of last year’s iPhone 6.

While the whispers of an iPhone 7 began coming out of our mouths, we were told to wait for another time to get out hands on it. The features of the iPhone 6s are similar to those rumored to be packed in the iPhone 7. The camera, processor, RAM, and touch screen all will receive upgrades. The iPhone 6s is virtually a new model and should not be regarded as an upgrade, but Apple has to consider it as such.

Apple has become the hunter with the iPhone 6s.

Galaxy 6 sales are solid, as are the sales for the Note 4. Now there are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy 7 may be released just before Christmas. If that happens Apple may have their hands forced.

Just the fact that people have talked about the iPhone 6s and 7 is good news for Apple. The conversation keeps the company relevant in the smartphone market. Not that Apple will become irrelevant anytime soon, but remember the few waves that Nokia made? How quickly did things fizzle for them? Apple cannot allow much time between devices, even if the product comes out half-heartedly.

What we already know about the iPhone 6s is enough to quell any talk of demise for Apple.

Mass production of the iPhone 6s means that the iPhone 7 will be packed with more features. It also means that Apple is looking to give Samsung a run for their money in quarter four. The iPhone 6s seems to be coming out at a just time. And Apple keeping things secretive about the next generation of iPhones is best for business.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News]