Ron Perlman Will ‘Move Mountains’ For ‘Hellboy 3,’ As Guillermo Del Toro Seems To Accept The Inevitable

Ron Perlman, and his determination to see Hellboy 3 in box offices near you, is still going strong, even if the film’s director does not seem to share his sentiments. According to Comicbook, Perlman is not looking forward to playing big red in Hellboy 3, but feels obligated to put the make-up back on and fight the supernatural forces of evil once again.

“Let me make the record clear,I don’t want to do Hellboy 3. It’s a pain in the a** to put that makeup on and take it off. But I feel we’re obligated to finish the story. That’s it. End of conversation.”

Ron Perlman has been said to ready to “move mountains”, if only he knew what ones to topple, as he said all it will take it Guillermo del Toro’s summoning to move his living or rotting corpse to get back into the red make-up for Hellboy 3.

“[If] del Toro says ‘put the makeup on,’ you can shoot me in a wheelchair and I’ll still be Hellboy. I guess the only cutoff point is when they actually close the box. If you don’t see me get up and go, ‘Hang on, I was kidding,’ then I’m still ready.”

Perlman’s enthusiasm has been the key component to any Hellboy 3 interest or fervor in the news cycle, as the Inquisitr reported in July that his teases on Twitter led to the entire interweb to think Hellboy’s third installment was indeed underway. Then Perlman, in a quiet and unseen tweet, said he didn’t actually have word on Hellboy 3.

With rumor and speculation running rampant, and Ron Perlman teasing, Hellboy fans hear so little from Guillermo del Toro. According Screenrant, del Toro sees the potential Hellboy 3 as the biggest film of the Hellboy franchise.

“It’s bigger [more ambitious and costly] than the first two.”

While the notion that Hellboy/Crimson Peak/Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro citing such lofting goals, and thus puffing up a third Hellboy film, his optimism isn’t quite as big as Ron Perlman’s. He explained this while saying that Hellboy 2 didn’t exactly make it as a film because the producers were fans.

“‘Hellboy 2’ wasn’t greenlit because an executive was a big fan. The first one made money. But it made money mostly in home video and that market doesn’t exist any longer.”

With the Pan’s Labyrinth director’s pension for taking on five or more films, but only completely one or two has any merit, the film could be lost in obscurity.

As Perlman and del Toro appear to have a growing concern for the completion of Hellboy 3, it would appear, it is up to his fans to push for the completion to the trilogy that they love so very much. Sometimes, and most times, that is the best course.

What are your thoughts? Will the big red and company come through, or will the franchise get chalked up in the bin of lost trilogies?

Will he find time to complete the film, or has he simply moved onto other projects, and left his Dark Horse comics adaptation behind? Leave your thoughts and opinions.

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