Is Gwen Stefani Offering A Payout To Gavin Rossdale To Save Her Fortune?

Is Gwen Stefani offering her ex-husband a payout to avoid losing half of her fortune? A new Radar Online report released on Friday states that Gwen Stefani is not willing to split her $120 million fortune with Gavin Rossdale. She is willing to offer him a payout to keep the majority of her fortune intact.

Gwen and Gavin shocked their fans earlier this week when their divorce went public. The couple have been married for 13 years, and many thought that they would be one Hollywood couple to stand the test of time and survive. However, that is not the case.

Gwen and Gavin are the latest Hollywood couple to reveal their split in recent weeks. The first to announce the end of their marriage was Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Blake Shelton, also from The Voice, split from Miranda Lambert. On Monday, Reba McEntire announced the end of her marriage. That announcement came on the same day that Gavin and Gwen announced their split.

With Gwen and Gavin’s marriage, money does seem to play a huge factor. Reports reveal that Gwen’s $120 million fortune comes from her music career, her fashion line, and her mentor job on The Voice. Gavin’s own earnings are far less. It is reported that he has a $20 million bankroll. Gwen does not want to give Gavin $60 million of her earnings because of California community property laws, and it is being reported that she is willing to pay him off.

An inside source revealed the reasons behind the rumored payout to the tabloid news outlet.

“Before Gwen and Gavin got married, her business advisers recommended they get a prenup. But Gwen balked and didn’t think it was necessary because this was going to be her forever. Gwen has really struggled with the idea of just handing over half of her hard-earned money to Gavin, and there is a lot of anger there. Gwen is hoping to just pay Gavin off because she doesn’t want to pay him any type of support. Gwen’s approach is that she should get to keep what is hers.”

Now, this report should be taken with a grain of salt because of its source. The report states that Gavin has hired a lawyer, Laura Wasser, who is going after Gwen’s money. The divorce “has gotten very contentious, very fast between the two.”

There are other rumors about the cause of the couple’s split. According to She Knows, reports surfaced earlier this week that Gavin Rossdale might have had an affair with the couple’s nanny. A nanny is at the center of the latest reports in the Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck split.

Gwen and Gavin’s nanny was a fixture in the couple’s life. She went to the set of The Voice with Gwen, and the attractive woman even went on vacations with the couple to care for their children. A source revealed the nanny troubles.

“Gwen loaned her clothes, and was very generous with the younger woman. The nanny was very attractive, but in the beginning, Gwen trusted her and treated her as a younger sister/best friend. Gwen had suspicions that Gavin and the nanny had become romantically involved. The constant stress and scrutiny just became unbearable for her. Gwen absolutely fired the nanny. She wasn’t going to have this going on around the kids.”

Other sources claim that Gavin denied the rumored relationship with the nanny, but it is clear that Gwen thought differently. She was the one to file for divorce on Monday, and she is seeking joint custody of their three sons. Their youngest son, Apollo, is only 17-months-old. Gwen and Gavin released a joint statement about their split on Monday, according to Access Hollywood.

“While the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood and are committed to jointly raising our three sons in a happy and healthy environment. To that end, we respectfully request privacy from the media during this time.”

This split came as a shock to fans of the couple. Gwen and Gavin headed to Montana with their kids just last month. Just Jared reported that Gwen shared photos from the family trip on Instagram.

Since the Gavin Rossdale split, Gwen has been seen out in public. Us Magazine shared photos of the singer getting into the backseat of a car in Los Angeles on Friday.

An inside source shared with Us that, “Gwen is upset. She really gave it her all and tried to make it work as hard as she could for years. She was in love with him and they had the family she always dreamed of. Stefani’s primary focus is making sure the kids are okay.”

What do you think of Gwen Stefani payout rumors? Is she trying to save her millions?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]