‘Reba’ Costar Says McEntire ‘Doing Great’ Following Divorce Announcement

Reba costar Melissa Peterman says Reba McEntire is “doing great” after the split of her 26-year long marriage. Us Magazine shared Peterman’s statements from an interview she gave on Tuesday to Entertainment Tonight. Peterman and McEntire starred together for six years on Reba, and the pair reunited for the Baby Daddy season finale, which aired on Wednesday night.

Peterman did not say much about the split, but she did speak on the topic a bit in the interview. The topic of Reba’s split from her husband was hard to avoid after the pair released a statement about their divorce on Monday.

Peterman said that, “I’ve talked to her and she’s doing great. I love her and I wish her all my love, and that’s all I can say right now. I love her.”

Reba’s split from her husband shocked fans of the singer on Monday. Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock married 26 years ago, and the pair work closely together. Blackstock is not only the singer’s husband, but he is also her manager. That working relationship will continue, according to a statement released by the couple.

“Despite this being the end of their marriage, they continue to support each other. They have worked together for 35 years and will continue to do so.”

Reports about the couple’s split revealed that the couple had been separated for the last two years. Kelly Clarkson, who is married to Reba’s step-son, tried to convince the couple to save their marriage, and they fought to do that for the last two years, according to International Business Times.

“They’ve been living apart for two years. Kelly urged them not to split and she’s the reason they didn’t split earlier. She was really fighting for them to make it work and stay together.”

Kelly has not hidden how much she loves Reba and her extended family. In a recent interview, Kelly shared some details about the close relationship she shares with her in-laws.

“We also play board games. My sister, my mom, me and [my mother-in-law] are the gamers in the family. Everyone else, we just drag into it. Reba and I are both competitive — she’ll tell you she’s not, but she’s a liar. I can win Sequence, but if we play backgammon or Mexican Train dominoes, she kills me. She’s like a backgammon magician. Our family gatherings are just a bunch of grandchildren and nieces and nephews. Our job is very egocentric, so it’s nice to be able to reflect on something else.”

Reba has not had a good start to 2015. In addition to the split from her husband, Taste of Country reported in May that Reba’s brother had a stroke after a surgery on his back. She shared the news with a statement posted to her Facebook page.

“My big brother, Pake, had back surgery on Thursday, May 13th. Although the surgery went well, he had a stroke later that evening. The stroke caused blood on the brain and swelling. Early this morning, Saturday, they performed a surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. He is currently in ICU, stable and recovering. We really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you all posted. Keep sending your prayers! Thanks a bunch!”

The Los Angeles Times also reported last month that Reba McEntire sold her estate in Beverly Park for $22.25 million. The report described the property.

“Hedged by mature trees, the estate sits adjacent to a four-acre park with south-facing views. Grounds of about two acres include a swimming pool with a spa, a tennis court and a motor court with a fountain. Inside, there are seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms in some 12,000 square feet of living space. A separate 2,000-square-foot pavilion sits adjacent to the pool.”

Reba is not hiding out at the moment though. Her appearance on Baby Daddy aired on Wednesday night, and she is performing her new single on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, August 12, according to another Taste of Country report. The single titled “Until They Don’t Love You” is from her latest album release, Love Somebody.

As for her appearance on Baby Daddy earlier this week, Melissa Peterman spoke about Reba coming onto the series for the finale with Entertainment Weekly. Her comments were released on Wednesday before the episode aired.

“Dan [Berendsen], who is the creator of the show, had an open invite for Reba. I’d been talking to her several times to see if she should do it, but it never really worked out with her schedule. It really felt like no time had passed as far as making funny together. It felt like we had just done it yesterday, but it was like that thing where you are inviting your best friend to meet your new friends and you want everything to be very nice and pretty. And you know, I was like, ‘Everyone clean this place up! It’s Reba! She’s coming!'”

On the episode of Baby Daddy titled “It’s a Nice Day For a Wheeler Wedding,” Peterman’s character, Bonnie, was getting married, and McEntire played an old friend named Charlotte that came for the wedding. However, Charlotte tried to seduce Bonnie’s husband-to-be before the big event. Charlotte wanted to ruin Bonnie’s big day.

It is clear that Reba is not allowing her split to get her down. She is living her life and sharing her music with her fans.

What did you think of Reba’s divorce announcement?

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