‘General Hospital’ Murder Mystery: Who Really Killed Silas Clay? It Could Be Someone Unexpected

It looks like General Hospital has given fans a murder mystery to solve this summer. Unfortunately, the writers have killed off a beloved character and axed a well-loved actor this past week. Viewers said goodbye to Michael Easton who plays the role of Dr. Silas Clay on the ABC daytime drama. The good doctor was murdered in his own home by an unknown Port Charles resident. Who really killed Silas?

The suspects right now are ex-wife Nina Clay, former lover Ava Jerome, the crazy Franco Baldwin, and mobster son Morgan Corinthos. According to ABC sneak peeks for next week, there will be different scenarios happening that basically point to either Ava or Morgan as the killer. However, is this too easy?

Franco has been arrested for the crime because he thinks that Nina did the deed, and he is trying to protect her. Since he found her holding the knife in her hand over Silas’ body, he pretty much thinks she did it. Of course, it will come out that neither Nina nor Franco killed him. It also seems that Morgan and Ava are just easy targets, but you just never know if the writers of General Hospital will take the obvious route.

It could also be Ric Lansing or Nina’s mother, Madeline. Those two are in cahoots together to take over Nina’s money by having her think she is crazy. It could be that Silas found out about it and threatened to expose them.

There is also another scenario that is going around on who actually killed Silas Clay. How about his daughter, Kiki Jerome? She found her dad lying on the floor dead when she came home. Silas had left her a message to call him as he was going to let her in on the fact that her boyfriend Morgan was fooling around with her aunt Denise, aka her mom, Ava. Of course, Kiki doesn’t know that just yet.

Could it be that Kiki killed her dad? Maybe she came home to talk to him and once she found out the truth, she was so angry that she stabbed him and then blocked it out. Now, that would certainly be a twist. Or she really does remember, but she is trying to make sure that her mom’s identity is not exposed.

Michael Easton will be missed on the show. The Inquisitr had previously reported that the soap actor would be departing as Dr. Clay would be murdered. The former One Life To Live star will certainly be missed. In fact, fans have been quite sad about him leaving the show, and a petition has been recently started to try to get him hired back.

Who do you think is the real killer of Silas Clay?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]