Elephants Use The Bathrooms At Elephant Sands Lodge in Botswana [Video]

Creativity is the mother of invention, and elephants in a Botswana game lodge have found the perfect way to have a quick and easy drink. The elephants use the bathrooms at Elephant Sands Lodge for the ultimate in convenience.

Dog owners have often had to stop their dogs from drinking directly out of the toilet, but in this case, the animals are so much bigger that you just let them get on with it.

It happens at the Elephant Sands Lodge campsite in Botswana, where on a regular basis the local elephants use the bathrooms, often drinking the shower and toilet facilities completely dry.

One guest, Carina Blofeld, took the above amazing video and several photos, as the long grey trunk comes over the toilet wall and heads down to the bowl below.

It’s not that the elephants are water-deprived, however, as the lodge does provide them with water. The only thing is, that water tends to be a little salty, and like the story of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, the toilet water is just right. Also, there is usually a long queue at the water hole, meaning that the less dominant of the herd have to wait, and those elephants use the bathrooms instead.

According to Laughing Squid, being used to constant human contact at the lodge, the elephants are not nervous if people are showering or even using the toilet at the time. They just stick up their heads and throw their trunks over the wall for a refreshing and invigorating drink.

The Mirror quotes Blofield as saying, “The slogan at the campsite is ‘where elephants rule‘, and that is definitely the case.”

“Some of the elephants use the water hole but the smaller less dominant animals will often have to wait their turn so they simply made a different plan.

“They really don’t care if the bathrooms are occupied or not so it can give people quite a fright when a huge trunk taps them on the shoulder – but it’s a great experience.

“It’s one of the best experiences you can ask for in the wild and as close to nature as you’re ever likely to get.”

The elephants roam freely at the camp and are given right of way over all guests, meaning people have to wait for them to pass before they can make it to the restaurant, bathroom, or bar.

Blofeld added that you can often hear the elephants rumbling or trumpeting outside the safety of your tent. She added that sometimes it’s quite eerie to “hear their thumping footsteps just outside but also really cool.”

Elephants use the bathroom
An elephant pops her trunk over the wall and takes a drink from the toilet below.

Besides the fact that the elephants use the bathrooms, they also get very inquisitive and want to inspect your vehicles or smell the food you are cooking.

“They don’t cause any damage if you respect them.”

Elephants roam freely around the Elephant Sands Lodge campsite and actually have the right of way over the guests. In other words, visitors have to wait for them to pass by before heading to the bathroom, restaurant, or bar. Watching as elephants use the bathroom is quite the alternative adventure in the heart of Africa!

You could even rewrite the song “Nelly the Elephant” by changing the words slightly to, “Nelly the Elephant dips her trunk and has a drink from the toilet.”

In other elephant news, a whole herd of pachyderms recently had fun taking a series of “elphies” using a GoPro Hero3 camera which was lying on the grass in front of them, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Images: Screengrab from YouTube video]