Elphies! Watch What Happens When A Herd Of Elephants Find A GoPro [Video]

Somewhere in Africa a whole herd of elephants found a GoPro camera lying on the ground. What resulted from this encounter was a whole series of incredible “elphies.”

While it is not specified on the video description where the footage was taken, the GoPro YouTube channel has uploaded this incredible footage.

The GoPro camera is lying on the ground, somewhere out in the African bush, when at first one interested elephant approaches it, possibly thinking it might be a tasty treat.

The first brave elephant approaches the GoPro camera

Eventually his pals all notice what he is doing and they gradually all head towards the camera. What they give us is an incredible extended view of their long trunks as they get near to the camera.

Elephants taking some really great elphies

They get braver and try to pick up the camera, thus producing endless “elphies” up to and including a really close look at their huge nostrils. Once they grab the camera, the whole picture rolls, with enormous elephant trunks and huge nostrils coming into view.

The camera was a HERO3+ and the very appropriate fun music is “Reluctantly Dancing” by William Ryan Fritch.

Even the baby elephant was curious about the GoPro

Talking “elphies,” but more of an Asian kind, the Inquisitr reported a story recently of an elephant in Thailand who grabbed a tourist’s GoPro and took some amazing “elphies” together with the tourist himself.

In a similar vein, a seagull in Spain also grabbed a tourist’s camera and proceeded to take stunning scenic views of the Cies Islands, along with some pretty good seagull selfies.

But getting back to elephants, the cutest video captured the moment when a baby elephant in Kruger National Park started playing with a whole flock of swallows as they flew around and teased her.

[Images: Screengrabs from YouTube Video by GoPro]

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