WWE News: Lana’s Original Big Push Going To Eva Marie Instead?

The NXT Divas Revolution lit a spark inside the women’s division of the WWE. For several months, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch rejuvenated life into a lackluster women’s division inside the entire WWE. Before they came along, it was all about looks and modeling. Now, the wrestling is preferred and spectacular.

There is one female wrestler in the WWE that doesn’t get the praise they do, and her name is Eva Marie. After becoming a star on Total Divas, Marie’s wrestling ability was nowhere near that of Lynch, Banks, and Charlotte. In fact, her skills in the ring weren’t good enough for the main roster, let alone WWE NXT.

Upon figuring that out, WWE decided to send her to California to train. Brian Kendrick, former-Intercontinental champion, became her full-time trainer. It was well-documented in Total Divas. He recently spoke on Eva Marie’s training and it’s latest progress report.

“As proud as I was of it, hopefully people in the next few months will become a big fan of Eva Marie’s work and so the fact that they can come out of my school and go directly to TV for me on a selfish level I get more instant gratification that I get to see them come up quicker.”

It appears that Marie is impressing the WWE veteran. Apparently, that was enough to impress WWE officials as well. They’ve always been high on Marie. Officials believe she has the “look.” That’s what the WWE Universe thought about Lana too. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Lana was in line to get her first match, even though she isn’t a wrestler, and to get a huge push on television.

Plans are about to change for Marie and Lana. According to SEScoops.com, the big push for Lana is going to another WWE diva.

“Higher ups in WWE are looking to feature Eva Marie as one of the cornerstones of the Divas revolution, with the storyline being Eva Marie took the rejection from fans to heart and it drove her to work hard and become Divas champion.”

Lana is more over than Eva Marie might will ever be. However, in the wrestling business, there really isn’t a definite outcome for any superstar or feud.

The WWE likes what they see in Eva Marie. To truly give her credit, she didn’t give up and let her looks take the wheel. Sure, her beauty helps, but the wrestling ability has to be there. In her return match on WWE NXT last week, she did better than her previous bouts. Perhaps it’s a step in the right direction.

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