Radiology Staff Surprise Cancer Patient, 12, With Whip/Nae Nae Flash Mob After Final Treatment [Video]

Radiology Flash Mob

The radiology staff at Willis Knighton Proton Therapy Center surprised a 12-year-old cancer patient, Sophie, with a flash mob set to one of her favorite dances, the Whip. Sophie was the first pediatric patient at the radiology center that opened in 2014. Therefore, the staff wanted to do something extra special for their special cancer patient, and decided to incorporate some of the girl’s favorite moves into a farewell she likely won’t forget.

In the viral video, Sophie can be seen talking to a staff member at Willis Knighton Proton Therapy Center after she receives her final treatment. He informs the girl that he “has a surprise” for her, and that he is following through with a promise he made on her first day at the radiology center. Apparently, when Sophie first arrived for treatments, she told her radiologist that she loves to dance and really likes to do the Whip. At that first meeting, he made a promise that he would learn the dance and perform it with her on the last day of her treatment. However, what Sophie didn’t know is that everyone else in the clinic had learned the moves, as well.

Sophie makes her way in the video to the center’s lobby, where members of the staff appear to be waiting to watch the pair perform their moves. However, to Sophie’s surprise, as the music begins, the entire staff joins in and performs the Whip, flash mob style.

The fun didn’t end with the dance moves. If you notice, most of the staff are wearing their Chuck Taylors in the video, which was noted as a “tribute to Sophie.”

What do you think of the staff taking part in such a special celebration for their first pediatric patient?

[Image Credit: YouTube]