Chris Hyndman: Did Sleepwalking Cause His Death?

Chris Hyndman, of the Canadian TV show Steven and Chris, passed away unexpectedly near the home he shared with co-star and spouse Steven Sabados in Toronto, Canada.

Earlier this week, Chris Hyndman was discovered in an alleyway with no signs of life. While police are still investigating, his mother believes she knows exactly what happened, reports the Toronto Star.

Glynda Hyndman revealed that Chris had a history of extreme sleepwalking. Chris was even known to eat in his sleep, Hyndman said.

“Christopher was a sleepwalker, and he did that a lot. He even ate in his sleep. It’s not good, but that’s his reality.

He was caught by Steven many times eating in his sleep, absolutely … I don’t know if he ever got a restful, solid sleep.”

This was perhaps caused by the fact that Chris had problems sleeping and kept various sleep aids on hand to help him rest, as he mentioned in an interview from 2008.

“I’m obsessed with scented candles… I have soothing, deep-breathing CDs, earplugs, natural Gravol, Tylenol PM and NyQuil every now and then.”

The mother of Chris Hyndman believes that during one of his sleepwalking episodes, Chris fell from his balcony to the street below.

According to MSN, Toronto police would not confirm or deny Glynda’s theory, saying only that the investigation is still open. At this point, no evidence pointing to criminal intent has been unearthed.

Hyndman said the relationship between Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman, which encompassed more than 20 years, was “beautiful.”

“They had a lot of stress, pressure, you know, but they had laughter. Christopher said it was always the laughter that got them through every situation and it was the laughter that Christopher tried to give to as many people as possible.


They just had a very real and beautiful relationship.”

Understandably, Steven Sabados is grief-stricken right now. Hyndman plans to be there for him as long as he needs her. Together, they can mourn Chris and remember his lovely and vibrant personality.

“[Steven is] really, really, really struggling. I’m going up there (to Toronto), and I’m going to stay as long as I need to help him, because I’m his only little piece of Christopher left.”

Chris Hyndman has left behind a husband, mother, and plethora of fans who are in the midst of grieving for him. According to Gloria Hyndman, Chris was a vibrant person whose life ended too soon.

[Image credit: Todd Oren / Stringer / Getty Images]