How Gigi Hadid Handled Modeling Nude Was Epic

Gigi Hadid

Celebrities often take their acting or G-rated modeling careers to the next level by bearing all. With Gigi Hadid having recently shown everything to readers of W, all indications point to her stepping further outside of her normal roles in Maybelline advertisements.

The 20-year- old supermodel, who did her nude shoot for Tom Ford fragrance, cites the photo shoot helped catapult her career and land plenty of gigs along the way. Gigi Hadid has Santa Barbara roots and a pretty hot supermodel mother, which probably contributed to her landing a modeling role with a local child modeling agency at age 2. Her largest gig before the bare-all shoot, one for the fragrance Velvet Orchid, is one she’s definitely proud of and holds dearly.

Hadid reminisced on her role for Tom Ford, citing that “nakedness works for fragrances.” Although she’s never been afraid to go commando, she’ll never merely strip to nothingness because it’s what “naked” wants her to do. Her mother, Yolanda Foster, is famous for being a Real Housewife in Beverly Hills and is associated with real estate magnate Mohammed Hadid.

It’s taken only two years for Gigi Hadid to move up in the world of exquisite modeling, although she’s far from Cindy Crawford or Tyra Banks. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, both of whom have burgeoning modeling careers and supportive kinfolk, have also become larger-than-life celebrities due to their ability to model, although it’s unclear whether Jenner would entertain nudity.

Although nudity has sprung her career into the next world, Gigi Hadid has definitely taken the meeker approach to infamy. She’s cognizant of the business side of modeling, and would rather build an impressive portfolio as opposed to letting the glimmer of Hollywood consume her. After all, she’s still unable to legally drink, so cut the superstar some slack.

When not delayering clothes for cameras, Hadid spends quality time with her best friend, Taylor Swift, and cites her preferred hobby is baking. She manages her social circle quite well, and if she’d ever become pregnant, she could be a maternity model for sure.

Modeling for Gigi Hadid, with or without clothing, seems second nature. The blonde bombshell has quickly become a household name, and looks to continue her dominance in an industry flooded with talented women. Her subtle approach to nudity will never change how perfectly she looks before a camera; in fact, she’s definitely not scared of showing her body, according to several media sources.

We’ll follow this blossoming model as she comes into her own.

(Photo By Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images Entertainment)