Nashville Theater Shooter: SWAT Team Reportedly Kills Gunman [Breaking]

A Nashville theater shooter was reportedly killed by a SWAT team responding to his rampage during a screening of the new Mad Max film. The suspect was also allegedly carrying a hatchet in addition to his firearms.

The attack occurred in the city of Antioch, Tennessee. Just last month, a deranged man stormed another theater, killing two women and injuring more than a dozen in Lafayette, Louisiana. The situation in Antioch is fluid, and details are changing as the story develops.

Police responded in force to deal with the shooter who began his attack during a showing of the most recent Mad Max movie. It appears the gunman had been in the vicinity since 9 a.m., when the suspect tried to enter an adjacent store, according to Fox News. The movie theater is located in a strip mall.

Authorities are still investigating two suspicious packages left behind by the Nashville theater shooter. Bomb removal experts are carefully checking the items at this time.

The shooter reportedly injured one person with the hatchet and fired at a police officer, who returned fire, killing the suspect. According to witnesses, the gunman was lurking around one of the stores in the area since the morning, and it wasn’t until police arrived that he fired his weapon.

Police kill man who entered screening of “Mad Max” in #Nashville armed w/ hatchet and gun:

— Talking Points Memo (@TPM) August 5, 2015


Police said that three people were also injured by an explosion of pepper spray. However, no one has been sent to the hospital at this time.

According to early reports, the Nashville theater shooter did not appear to have planned the attack on moviegoers, but there is no official confirmation on this from the police. We will have more updates as soon as they become available.

[Image via the Inquisitr]