Coco Announces Baby Name And Sex: Ice-T’s Wife Is Expecting A [Read On]

Coco Austin, wife of Ice-T, has announced the name and sex of her baby, ET Online is reporting.

Just weeks after they announced that they’re pregnant, Ice-T (real name: Tracy Lauren Marrow) and his wife of 14 years, Coco Austin, revealed the name and sex of their baby on the couple’s daytime talk show, Ice & Coco. It’s a girl! And her name is going to be: Chanel. (Coco and Chanel, get it?) Ice stole Coco’s thunder by spilling the beans.

“We’ve already got a name! The girl’s name is Chanel.”

ET writer Leanne Aguilera had a little fun with the couple’s name choice.

“We’re loving the homage to the late fashion designer Coco Chanel, but we’ve got to be honest: We’re a little disappointed that they’re baby girl isn’t going to continue the tradition of having a beverage-related first name. We think Lemonade could have been an adorable choice!”

The baby’s sex reveal concluded something of a game Ice and Coco had been playing with their fans, according to MSN: last week, the couple posted a sonogram of the baby on YouTube and challenged fans to suss out whether it’s a boy or girl. Statistically speaking, half of the audience was right.

Coco went on to have a little fun with the audience, noting that her baby bump is barely visible, and challenged them to guess how far along into her pregnancy she is.

“And another thing is people are like, ‘Well how many, how far along are you?’ “

After letting the audience members guess for a bit (“Two months! Four months!”), Coco revealed the truth.

“I’m 21 weeks. I’m over 5 months!”

Ice admitted that the couple had been picking out clothes for Coco that would obscure her enlarging abdomen, saying they were trying to be “cute” by trying to “shade” the baby bump.

This will be the first child for Ice and Coco as a couple, although Ice-T has kids (and grandkids) from previous relationships. His daughter, LeTesha, was born in 1976 to Ice and his then-high school sweetheart; LeTesha has given Ice two grandchildren. He also has a son, Ice Tracy Marrow, from his mid-1990s relationship with Darlene Ortiz.

Do you think Ice and Coco picked out a good name for their baby?

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