Ice-T And Coco Austin Expecting Their First Baby: Coco Will Stay Sexy

Coco Austin and Ice-T are expecting a baby after 14 years of marriage. The 57-year-old Law & Order: SVU star already has two children from a previous relationship, and a 20 year old grandchild, but Coco wanted a baby of their own and she got her way.

The couple’s “precious pooches,” Spartacus and Maximus, may have to give up some of their pampered life when the baby arrives. Fans have seen a lot of spoiling going on with the dogs, but it’s no secret that Coco and Ice have been thinking about having a baby. Back in 2012, Coco told E! News that they were getting closer to starting a family. Austin’s age is much less than Ice-T and she felt the pressure. “There’s a lot of peer pressure for me,” she said. “It’s not just my family that’s giving it, it’s the world…When the time’s right, I will.”

Coco said she didn’t want to find herself alone when she was older.

“I want to have something I gave birth to early in life and be like, ‘You can help me out now!'”

Ice-T made it clear that he was leaving the decision up to Coco. “At the end of the day, it’s Coco’s call. She puts in the order and I can do the deed.”

Coco had some work to do before putting in that order. On their hit reality show Ice Loves Coco, there was some baby talk going on in the 2012 season, and it turned out that Coco’s blood pressure was too high to ensure a safe pregnancy. She broke down in tears when she heard the news, and vowed to take charge of her health. By 2014, Coco was taking prenatal vitamins and doing well, to the delight of fans.

It’s unlikely that motherhood will change Coco’s sexy over the top style.

“I’ve branded myself to be sexy, but also be a wife at the same time. I cook, I clean, I’ll be washing the car… heels. Everything is Cocofied!”

At least some fans think Coco will be a great mom without any changes to her racy image.

With their upcoming talk show, Ice & Coco, premiering on August 3, fans can expect to hear more details about Coco’s baby plans and experiences during her pregnancy. In a promo for the show, Ice-T said it “reflects our life,” and described it as covering “hip, pop culture, fashion, everything.” A new baby is part of Ice-T and Coco’s life now!

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