Rachel Bunny Mellon Had Crush On John Edwards

Rachel Bunny Mellon’s friend, Bryan Huffman, testified in John Edwards‘ trial that the 101-year-old Listerine heiress had a school girl crush on Edwards.

Huffman stated to jurors that Bunny felt “euphoric” whenever the former Democratic presidential candidate, now on trial for six felony charges related to illegal campaign contributions, came to visit and flirt with the love starved heiress.

Edwards would utilize his charm to sway the former Kennedy confidant into donating considerable sums of cash towards his presidential election campaign. The donations were used to cover-up an extramarital affair Edwards had with his mistress, Rielle Hunter, which resulted in the birth of a love child.

Huffman’s testimony reiterated what other witnesses had indicated, which is that Mellon was smitten with Edwards since their initial meeting in 2004, when the heiress was 94-years-old. The interior designer was quoted by the National Enquirer having said:

“She liked how he looked, what he espoused and what good he could do for the country.”

After a 2005 rendezvous with Edwards at her sprawling 4,000-acre estate, 48-year-old Huffman testified that Bunny had said:

“There goes the next president of the United States.”

The National Enquirer reports that the one person that Bunny did not like was Edwards’ cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth Edwards. Highlighting her animosity towards Elizabeth, Huffman testified that Bunny had told Edwards not to bother coming when he offered to visit with his wife when Rachel’s daughter Eliza was dying.

What are your thoughts on the breaking John Edwards scandal involving illegal and unreported campaign contributions, Listerine heiress Bunny Mellon, interior designer Huffman, and Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter?