Bunny Mellon Thought Paying For John Edwards’ Mistress Was A ‘Foolish’ And ‘Wonderful Time’

Bryan Huffman, a friend of 101-year-old heiress Rachel Bunny Mellon who acted as a middleman in the payout to John Edwards‘ mistress, testified as a witness that Mellon thought the whole ordeal was “foolish,” yet she was having a “wonderful time” while funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pockets of Edwards’ fling, campaign videographer Rielle Hunter.

Interior designer Huffman is friends with Mellon, the heiress to the Mellon banking fortune, and due to their relationship, he helped facilitate the funneling of $725,000 of Bunny’s money to aides of John Edwards in order to help conceal the extramarital affair. The checks were falsely labeled as furniture purchases by Huffman in an attempt to conceal the true nature of the payments, hush money.

Huffman testified during Edwards’ trial, in which he has been charged with six felony counts stemming from roughly $1 million in unreported and illegal campaign donations from Mellon as well as at least one other wealthy contributor, that the checks were known within the campaign as “Bunny money,” MSNBC reported. He was also quoted having said:

“She said that we were awfully foolish with the ‘furniture business.'”

Bryan also testified that Rachel was not concerned with the fact that John was having an affair, however, she was displeased as:

“She thought that you [Edwards] should probably pay for your girlfriend yourself.”

Alex Forger, who manages Bunny’s estate, was called to the stand Friday and testified that upon his discovery of what the “furniture” checks were truly intended for, he was told “that’s the way they want wanted it.” Forger also stated:

“The money was for the senator’s special need.”

What are your thoughts on the ridiculous scandal involving Bunny Mellon, former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, and his mistress Rielle Hunter.