Jennifer Garner All Smiles On Set Of Her Movie As Ben Affleck Divorce Drama Heats Up

Jennifer Garner is all smiles on the set of her latest movie, appearing upbeat despite the increasing drama with soon-to-be ex Ben Affleck.

Garner has been in Atlanta filming her latest movie, Miracles From Heaven. The 43-year-old actress has been there for the last few weeks, away from the unfolding situation regarding her split from Ben Affleck. Photographers caught Jennifer Garner smiling and having a laugh, a much different side of Jen than what’s reportedly happening behind the scenes.

Although the couple announced their divorce last month and said they plan for an easy and amicable split, new reports point to months of behind-the-scenes drama. Affleck has been accused of carrying on an affair with the family’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

Us Weekly included pictures of the 42-year-old actor with the 28-year-old nanny, saying their relationship pre-dates Ben’s split from Jen.

“When Ouzounian — an employee at a high-end Beverly Hills nanny agency — first started caring for Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, Affleck and Garner, 43, were in the midst of a secret 10-month trial separation. The Arizona State University communications grad soon developed an attraction to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star.”

But Ben Affleck attacked the reports, calling it “garbage” and hinting that he could be taking legal action against the magazine over it.

“This is a false and baseless story based on innocuous photos, and we’re looking at pursuing legal action,” the rep told the Los Angeles Times.

“You shouldn’t be able to hide behind ‘blind sources’ and attempt to destroy families going through a difficult time,” Affleck’s rep added. “It’s like story time in kindergarten.”

Other sources say the split between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck wasn’t caused by infidelity, but rather growing differences.

“Saying he’s a bad father and a husband is an easy story, and everyone has wanted to clock him as a womanizer and gambler,” an unnamed source told People magazine. “He couldn’t deal with her expectations. When you’re told you’re not good enough, you start to believe it.”

While Jennifer Garner appeared to be all smiles in Atlanta, she has also been hard at work. She has been in Atlanta for several weeks, filming alongside co-star Queen Latifah, even as the divorce drama has been playing out publicly.

[Picture by Mark Davis / Getty Images]