‘Daddy Dave’ Wreck Update — Suffers Multiple Injuries After Car Rolls Six Times And Survives, But Doesn’t Remember It

“Daddy Dave” Comstock wrecked his race car as it rolled six times at the No Prep race. Though the daredevil has miraculously survived the wreckage, he might have suffered some memory loss from multiple concussions.

The horrible wreck that Daddy Dave was involved in would have been fatal, but the roll-cage, crash bars, ultra-secure seat-belts, helmet, and protective clothing saved him. Though his beloved hot rod, nicknamed “Goliath,” swerved and rolled, its front end mangled in the crash, the car was instrumental in protecting its sole occupant from an otherwise certain death.

The wreck happened on Saturday at Amarillo Dragway in Texas, as his car swerved out of control and rolled six times before crashing into the guardrails, reported Fox News. Fortunately, there was no smoke or fire, and rescue workers quickly pulled Daddy Dave out of the wreckage and sent him to a hospital in an ambulance.

Though no one is dead, the wreck was pretty gruesome and all was caught on tape. The video has gone viral and, apparently, might be needed to help Dave regain his memory. Speaking about the wreck, Daddy Dave’s wife, Cassi, wrote on Facebook that the reality star doesn’t remember anything about the crash.

“They have done X-rays and scans; we are just waiting for the results. He is in a lot of pain, pretty banged up and a serious concussion. He is talking but doesn’t remember anything or even where he is. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and I will do my best to keep y’all updated!”

Fortunately, after a barrage of tests, Cassis allowed a breather to Daddy Dave’s fans by updating about his condition.

“Scan came back good. He has a serious concussion, a bruised lung, and plenty of bumps and bruises. Still doesn’t remember anything that happened. He is finally resting in his own room for at least the next 24 hours. We cannot thank everyone enough for the thoughts and prayers! I am thankful to have my husband alive! I’m sure he will be back, just need time to heal and go from there!”

While crashes are pretty common during drag racing, such catastrophic wrecks aren’t. Fortunately, mandatory safety standards and checks have ensured that though the wrecks are phenomenal, the drivers are relatively safe within.

“Daddy Dave” Comstock stars on Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws. The show is about street racing that isn’t strictly considered a legal sport, and is the cause of many accidents in the United States.

[Image Credit: Radial Fest via Radials Only]