Adolf Hitler Was A Farting Coke Head, Study Finds

James Johnson

Adolf Hitler was a farting coke head who regularly took up to 28 drugs at a time according to a new document study which specifically examined the Nazi party leaders medical records.

According to his medical reports Hitler suffered from "uncontrollable flatulence" which was likely brought on by the constant regime of prescription and illicit drugs he used on a regular basis.

News of Hitler's medical problems and drug addiction come just ahead of an auction in which his personal medical files will be handed off to the highest bidder. The Hitler medical records include X-rays of his skull, sketches of the inside of his cocaine-eroding nose and notes about "cleansing enemas."

Apparently Hitler was even injected at one time with bull-testicle extract to give a boost to his libido.

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Also included with Adolf Hitler's medical records are tests performed on the Nazi leader and notes compiled from the work of six chief physicians. While there is no official report regarding Hitler's cocaine use, one of his regular doctors wrote in an unofficial note that Adolf frequently used cocaine to "clear" his sinuses" and "soothe" his throat. The note says Hitler also used cocaine simply because it made him happy.

The medical documents are expected to fetch upwards of $2,000 each, in the meantime if you can't afford to purchase them you can live happily knowing that Adolf Hitler was a coke-head with a farting problem.