Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Breakup ‘Not The End Of The World,’ Reality Star Moving On From Ex?

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may have ended their nearly 10-year relationship just last month, but that doesn’t mean Kardashian isn’t already preparing to move on from the father of her three children.

According to sources close to Kardashian, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star believes she’s ready to move on from Disick in the event that they decide to not get back together in the near future.

“Since Kourtney had had time apart from Scott, she’s had a very philosophical outlook on what the future holds,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Obviously, she has her good days and her bad days, but she’s not pining for Scott and has a very easy, breezy air about her at the moment.”

The news comes just days after Scott Disick made headlines for reportedly hinting at his regret regarding his split from Kardashian, E! Online reports.

Disick took to Instagram on July 31 to share a photo of a place card that reads, “Scott Disick Guest” with the caption, “When u realize the grass isn’t always greener” from the wedding of his close friend J.J. Corsini. The post led fans to believe that perhaps Disick is feeling guilty about his partying behavior that led to his eventual split from Kardashian, with sources hinting that Disick is struggling without Kardashian in his life.

While Disick appears to be feeling lonely following his breakup from Kardashian, sources close to Kourtney reveal that she’s doing well and is receiving the necessary support she needs from her family after the split.

“She knows that if she doesn’t take Scott back, she will always have the support of her family for the kids. She’s also sure that Scott would make the effort on seeing his kids regularly if they never did get back together. It’s not the end of the world for her, and she knows that she’s very lucky in other ways.”

Similarly, sources close to Disick allege that the reality star is missing his children after being apart from them on a nearly month-long partying binge.

“He realizes how much his kids need him,” an insider reveals of Disick’s feelings about leaving his family, “This is his family. Scott wants his family back. He wants Kourtney back. He’s really having second thoughts about everything and feels like he’s most likely throwing away the most important thing in his life—his family.”

Do you think Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick will get back together, or is the duo over for good following their split?