Alligator In Florida Takes Chunk From Man’s Leg At Popular ‘Forever’ Attraction

In Central Florida, an alligator took a chunk out of a man’s leg while he was working. Tuesday’s gator attack took place at the Forever Florida attraction. Reportedly, two large alligators were removed from the pond.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials say the man bitten by an alligator is identified as 46-year-old Sergio Hernandez. Witnesses say the man was removing hyacinths from the pond at the time of the attack, according to Fox News.

Without warning, a large alligator bit the man on his thigh and removed a large chunk of his flesh. It’s unclear how he managed to escape the animal’s clutches.

Paramedics arrived a short time later and transported the bite victim to Holmes Regional Medical Center where he underwent surgery. There is no report on his condition at this time.

The About section on the attraction’s website details its many offerings in the Sunshine State. The large reptiles are one of the many inhabitants.

“Forever Florida is a unique eco-tourism attraction located in St. Cloud, Florida; just one hour southeast of Orlando. Departing from a picturesque Florida cattle and horse ranch, guests journey deep into the 4,700-acre Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area.

“Guests experience natural streams, forests, pastures, wetlands and learn about the wide array of Forever Florida’s wildlife including alligators, black bears, white-tail deer and the endangered Florida panther.”

Alligators and — unfortunately — attacks are common in Florida. The scaly reptiles are among the top predators in the state, and many locals have learned to coexist with gators. Sadly, last month over the Fourth of July holiday, a couple lost their beloved companion, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

“Over the weekend, Mike Karris, who works at a consulting firm, his fiance, Rae Wilkerson, and their 11-year-old dachshund, visited St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Tallahassee. They, as were many other visitors, were on hand to enjoy the start of the scallop season.

“As the couple readied their boat at a ramp, they unleashed Cody and allowed him to roam freely for a few minutes. Without warning, a large alligator exited the water, snatched the hapless dachshund, and retreated into the marsh.”

The couple took responsibility for allowing the dog to roam around without a leash. Still, the loss of their dog in such a brutal way is unsettling.

Two alligators, one measuring 11 feet, another eight feet, were removed by trappers from the attraction Tuesday. One of them is believed to be behind the attack that left the man with a chunk of his leg missing.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]