‘Blood Moon’ And 3 More Of The Most Unique Werewolf Movies Ever Made

Blood Moon debuts on DVD and video on demand September 1, and from the looks of the latest trailer to drop, as well as that plot synopsis, it promises to be one of the more unique werewolf movies ever made.

Starring Shaun Dooley, George Blagden, and Amber Jean Rowan, the flick transplants lycanthropes into the Old West and attaches a plot worthy of Night of the Living Dead. Per Fangoria, which also has an exclusive first look at the poster and trailer, here’s what you can expect.

“The Old West howls when a town is overtaken by skinwalkers. Knowing they’ve got to combine forces if they want to survive the night, the passengers of a stagecoach unite with a heroic gunslinger and a couple of outlaws to battle the beastly enemy under the blood moon.”

What you may find particularly interesting about the trailer is that the werewolves are almost relegated to afterthought as an interesting dynamic develops between the “heroic gunslinger,” and some shady individuals from his past with whom he’ll have to forge an unlikely alliance. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of fang-sprouting beasts to go around. Here’s a look at the trailer, along with three more off-the-beaten-path werewolf flicks you may want to check out.

1. Dog Soldiers

This classic chiller from 2002 is the movie that put Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones) on the map. It also has a stellar supporting cast in Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, and Emma Cleasby. The plot is not unlike that of Blood Moon. This time around it’s a team of soldiers trapped in a cabin while an army of lycanthropes mill about outside. Lots of gory set-pieces make this one worthwhile for horror audiences.

2. Late Phases

This low-budget shocker from 2014 is definitely a unique werewolf movie as an aging war vet matches wits with a werewolf who is offing the residents of the retirement community where he now lives. While the FX aren’t as polished or professional as Dog Soldiers or the third and final selection on this list, the story has a surprising amount of heart and poignancy.

3. Bad Moon

Mariel Hemingway and Michael Pare star in this werewolf shocker from 1996, directed by the writer of the original Hitcher. While it may be packing the biggest stars of any of the films on this list, the lead role belongs to a German Shepherd named Thor, who is the only one in his family’s household, who knows Uncle Ted (Pare) turns into a vicious beast by the light of the full moon.

So how about it, werewolf fans? Seen any of these? And will you be checking out Blood Moon on September 1?

[Image of Blood Moon via Official Facebook Page]