‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Neil Marshall Teases Season 4

Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall has something special in store for fans in the ninth episode of the acclaimed show’s fourth season.

Fans of HBO’s fantasy series know that the ninth episode is always a nail-biter. Marshall previously handled directing duties on the ninth episode of season two, an award-winning entry known as “Blackwater.” According to Hypable, fans should anticipate plenty of epic battles and on-screen carnage this season.

As always, tread carefully if you’re not in the mood for spoilers. Since Marshall drops a few details that could ruin the experience for some viewers, proceed with extreme caution. Consider this your final warning.

“As far as I know the episode hasn’t been named yet but someone online suggested it might be called ‘Castle Black’ but all I know is that it’s called episode nine! It’s kind of the same as ‘Blackwater’, in a sense, in that these episodes are bigger than most of my films!” Marshall recently told the Irish Film and Television Network during an interview.

The Doomsday director continued, “The outside stuff for the battle was shot at the Castle Black set, which is built on the side of a huge quarry North of Belfast. We had about 200 hundred or so extras. We also had a very large team of stuntmen including this amazing bunch of Hungarian stunt guys, and they were absolutely fantastic!”

When asked if his upcoming Game of Thrones episode will feature the sort of over-the-top carnage fans witnessed in his “Blackwater” episode, Marshall said viewers should prepare themselves for all sorts of gruesome bloodshed.

“There are a few beheadings in there, as is my wont! We got to blow some people up, set people on fire and do quite a few high falls. There’s a lot of very physical action and a lot of fighting — sword fights and physical fights. We pack quite a lot of stuff in there,” he said.

Marshall also revealed that he doesn’t mess with the Game of Thrones scripts when he signs on to direct an episode. Although Marshall typically writes the cinematic projects he directs, the guy is such a fan of what the writers put together that he doesn’t alter the material.

“The first thing that I’m invited to do when I come onboard is to give them my ideas about the physical action or gags that we can put in that will help or enhance the story in some way. They take all that stuff onboard, so that works brilliantly. But I don’t tamper with the material at all,” Marshall explained to IFTN.

The next season of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO next spring.

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