‘Zoolander 2’ Trailer: The ‘Unique’ Intro Will Confuse You — But Not For Long

The first teaser for Zoolander 2 was officially released online Sunday by Paramount Pictures — and it does not disappoint!

However, the introduction of the teaser may leave viewers a little confused, because it has absolutely nothing to do with Derek Zoolander whatsoever.

On the contrary, the teaser’s intro will more than likely remind viewers of Stephen Hawking and the Oscar-winning film, Theory of Everything, more than the 2001 Ben Stiller-directed film, Zoolander.

“In the beginning, there was nothing. An infinite void. Then, in an instant, everything known to man changed into being. The Big Bang. The birth of time itself…”

The visual journey of the human brain (along with the suspenseful background music) will leave you at the edge of your seat – waiting to see exactly what happens next. However, when you realize that a close-up shot of Derek Zoolander is the teaser’s final destination, that is the moment when reality sets in — and laughter begins.

“If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?”

Ben Stiller stays in character as Derek Zoolander even when the official title of the Zoolander sequel (2oolander) appears on the screen.

“200 Lander?… But I don’t spell my name with a 2.”

Even when it was changed to Zoolander II, Derek Zoolander confused the Roman numerals with the letter “i.” Basically, within less than two minutes, Ben Stiller was able to prove one very important point: Derek Zoolander has not changed very much in 14 years.

The Zoolander 2 trailer made its official debut on the big-screen as one of the previews shown before Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.

Considering the lengthy history of hilarious moments shared between Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller, it was a perfect fit for Paramount Pictures — and a big hit with fans, according to Twitter.

The #Zoolander2 (#2oolander) trailer absolutely destroyed the Mission Impossible audience last night. So damn funny! pic.twitter.com/LohIkQYAQ0

— Tim J. Krieg (@FiveStarFlicks) August 2, 2015

Ben Stiller will return to theaters as Derek Zoolander when Zoolander 2… or 200 Lander… or Zoolander ii is released on February 12, 2016.

[Image Credit: Rob Kim / Getty Images]