Illinois Father Caught On Camera As He Tried To Run Over Teens Who Bullied Daughter

Father tries to run teens over who bullied daughter

An Illinois father is facing 12 counts of aggravated assault charges after he was caught on camera trying to run over the teens that were bullying his daughter, reported ABC News.

When 56-year-old Roy Williams of Rockford arrived at an area near Nelson Elementary School in the 600 block of 15th Street on Wednesday at approximately 7 p.m., he was told by his 13-year-old daughter that she had just been bullied and gotten into a brawl with two other girls.

After Williams approached the two girls — both 14 years old — and threatened to harm them with his cane, they took off running. That’s when he quickly hopped into his vehicle and tried to run the teens over.

He also tried to run over a group of teens that were walking on the sidewalk. They had nothing to do with the brawl between the two girls and his daughter, but in the video, the group of teens are seen running while the vehicle is driving after them.

“I just knew we had to get out of the way before he hit one of us,” said Nathan Velez, 15, who captured the ordeal on video. “When I first saw him pull out the bat I knew it was going to go somewhere, I knew he was trying to injure somebody.”

However, no one was hurt during the incident, according to NBC Chicago.

After trying to run the teens over, Williams was arrested and charged with “12 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle, aggravated assault of public property, reckless driving, and reckless conduct,” according to The Next Generation News.

“It was very helpful to identify who the suspect was, but it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story, so we have to take a look at it and then talk to the people who were there,” said Assistant Deputy Doug Pann. “He had a different perspective than everyone else did.”

“It’s good to know you know he’s locked up and got what he deserved and he should have handled it more better instead of trying to hurt people,” said Velez.

Roy Williams is currently being held at the Winnebago County Jail, and is set to appear in court on Friday.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]