Haleigh Green Funeral: Town Of Columbiana Bids Farewell To Beloved Teen Who Was Found Dead In The Woods


Haleigh Green, the beloved Columbiana, Alabama teen who was killed by an ex-boyfriend will be laid to rest today. WIAT is reporting that funeral and memorial services for Haleigh Green will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 1, at First Baptist Church in Columbiana, with burial in Pine Lawn Cemetery.

Haleigh Danielle Green and her mother, Shevelle Bivins, in happier times.

Green bows still line the streets of Columbiana. At just about every business and every other home you see green bows hanging from door knobs, mailboxes, and on sign posts. Everyone is still talking about the case that rocked the small town of Columbiana earlier this month. Today, the city bids farewell to Haleigh Green, a girl who loved volleyball and horses. The Inquisitr previously reported that 18- year-old Green was killed on July 6 by her on-again- off again boyfriend, Demarcus Means, investigators allege.

Haleigh Green was missing for almost a week before her body was discovered in a remote section of Columbiana off of County Road 315, leaving residents of the city in shock as they learned the details of the case. No one could imagine who would have wanted to kill the young teen. Early on, police suspected DeMarcus Means, a 19-year-old man from the city of Calera, who at the time, denied knowing anything about her disappearance or her death.

Shortly after, DeMarcus Means fled the state but was apprehended in Los Angles, California on July 21. Family and friends of the fallen teen felt a sigh of relief but at the same time—they felt a sense of betrayal because Means was someone who was also well-known in the community. Sources say that both the victim’s mother and the alleged killer’s mother knew each other and had been friends for a long time.

Recently, DeMarcus Means was extradited from Los Angeles back to the Shelby County Jail but had to be moved to the St. Clair County Jail for his protection. Margo Kirkland, DeMarcus Means’ mother, says that she believes that her son is innocent and stands behind him 100 percent.

Whatever you believe, it is all a sad ending for a young lady who had so much promise and so much to look forward to in her life. Wherever you go in Columbiana today, everyone is still talking about the case. Inside one local store, community members watched in silence as the hearse carrying the body of Haleigh Green passed. With a look of sadness, everyone shook their heads and stated that they hope the killer pays for the crime and that the truth will finally come out. There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding her death, but friends and residents of Columbiana say they are willing to wait until prosecutors put their case together and bring closure for the family and the community.

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