Manchester United Unveil New Adidas Kit: Is It The Strangest Launch Ever?

Manchester United have finally unveiled their new kit for the 2015-16 season, supplied by German kit designers Adidas.

The launch of the new kit, which was done in the wee hours of Saturday morning, marks the beginning of a record-breaking deal between Manchester United and Adidas, ending the club’s 13-year alliance with American sports company Nike.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Adidas designer Inigo Turner, who is also a lifelong Manchester United fan, said that the new kit draws inspiration from the iconic kits of the past.

“At Adidas we have been on a real journey in creating these new kits for Manchester United. This landmark sponsorship is not the first time we have partnered with the club and it is with these iconic kits of the past that we drew our inspiration from.”

According to BBC Sport, the new deal sees a huge turnaround in United’s fortunes, with the club set to earn a whopping $120 million a year with Adidas, a significant raise from what they earned with Nike — reported to be around $36 million a year.

But what is perhaps more surprising than the money involved is Manchester United’s launch video, which epitomizes the club as the home of the devils, complete with their armory of a trident, and ready to strike their opposition with a three-pronged attack. While it will obviously please fans that Manchester United are setting a high yardstick this season, the video seems to draw much of its inspiration from their manager Louis Van Gaal, who is known for his competitive, and at times, rather amusing attitude.

New signing Bastian Schweinsteiger makes a remarkable debut, with Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Phil Jones also making cameos. Watch the video here.

Over the last many years, kit launches have tended to border on the ingenious, with football clubs pouncing on every opportunity to market their new commodity. For Juan Mata, then, the shooting of the new launch video must not have come as a big surprise, as he has already donned stranger colors (literally!) while unveiling Chelsea’s 2013-14 kit, which gives the new Manchester United ad a run for its money.

Howsoever strange it may seem, though, the truth is that Manchester United have made a hugely profitable deal with Adidas. What remains to be seen is whether United, whose coffers are now securely filled for the next many campaigns, can make this Adidas kit into an iconic one. Because on the pitch, Manchester United will only have the football to do the talking.

[Photo via YouTube]