Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Star in Little Shop of Horrors Remake?

Get ready for another remake down the pike! According to the Hollywood Reporter, this time it’s Little Shop of Horrors, the film that saw a gawky Rick Moranis, and a short lived Broadway show.

It’s reported that with the cooperation of Warner Bros, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the sole star eyeing to lead up the vehicle and Warner Bros. is at the helm of the Little Shop reboot.

So far producer Marc Platt, who’s also behind films such as Wanted and Legally Blonde is producing the reboot, and the writer behind Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, is expected to pen the new Little Shop script. The missing link is the director.

However, if everything goes smooth Gordon-Levitt will be slated to play Seymour, the nerdy scientist who is forced to feed his hungering beastly creation in order to keep his fame at bay, and the plant under wraps.

This isn’t the first project Gordon-Levitt has tested his vocal chops in. In (500) Days of Summer Gordon-Levitt proved that he had fine vocal skills in the karaoke scenes in the quirky romantic comedy. On his own the media collaborator has used his own social collaborative site HitRecord to showcase his vocal talents.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is repped by CAA and Jackoway Tyerman. In the last few years Gordon-Levitt has gotten along well with Warner Bros. with projects like The Dark Knight Rises and Inception, both performing extremely well for the studio.

Do you think a remake for Little Shop of Horrors is a good idea? Do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt can pull it off?