Rihanna, Katy Perry’s BFF, Planning A Taylor Swift Diss Track [Rumor]

Rihanna, who is one of Katy Perry’s best friends, is planning a Taylor Swift diss track. It was previously rumored that Katy herself would write a song in response to Taylor’s “Bad Blood” song. Now, it looks like her partner in crime is getting in on the act, as well.

According to several new reports released on Wednesday, the “BBHMM” singer is planning to write a song about Swift’s love life. The pop star is fed up with Swift constantly slamming Perry in the media. Now, several reports are claiming that the bad gal herself is writing a Taylor Swift diss track of her own.

It all started with a new report in the August 10 issue of OK! Magazine. Apparently, the “American Oxygen” singer is fed up with Taylor’s good girl image and her star-studded “Bad Blood” music video. Rihanna also isn’t happy with the way that Taylor has been slamming Katy in the media, and she wants to write a diss track that talks about the singer’s public relationships.

The inside source added: “Ri’s protective of Katy and bugged by Taylor’s growing good-girl clique.”

The alleged insider told OK! Magazine that the diss track will be about a “kiss and tell” woman. It’ll also be an “aggressive club anthem with a video that’s just as brutal as ‘Bad Blood.’ “

Rihanna already proved how hardcore she can get when she released her NSFW video for “BBHMM,” which is reportedly about her former accountant. In the video, she goes after the accountant’s wife, where she brutally tortures her and drugs her up. At one point, she even gets murderous! It’ll be interesting to see how RiRi will go after Taylor in her new music video. The insider also told OK! Magazine that the song and video will “be very obvious that it’s about Taylor.”

Rihanna hasn’t spoken to Katy Perry about her plans for song and the music video. The inside source told the tabloid that Katy “is aware that Rihanna wants to do something.”

The singer isn’t even scared of the singer’s faithful Swifties. The source says that RiRi is not scared of Swift’s fans when it’s, in fact, Swift who’s scared of the tough singer!

The source added: “She’s not worried… she knows Taylor’s intimidated by her.”

Katy had Rihanna’s back when the 2015 MTV VMAs announced the nominations. She took to Twitter to slam Swift’s “ironic” pitting women against women argument and to support her bestie’s video for “BBHMM.”

Swift and Perry appeared to be good friends before John Mayer and backup dancers got in the way of their budding friendship. However, in her 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Swift insisted that her alleged feud with Perry wasn’t over another guy, it was actually about backup dancers.

Katy reportedly dissed Taylor during her 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show, where she featured backup dancers in retro polka dot swimsuits, similar to what Taylor used to wear when she dated Conor Kennedy in 2012.

Most recently, during Swift’s 1989 World Tour in Foxborough, Massachusetts, she brought out a backup dancer who held up a shark puppet. It was previously assumed that it was a backup dancer who dressed up in a shark costume, but that would’ve made things too obvious. Fans started to speculate that the shark was a reference to Perry’s “Left Shark” from her Super Bowl Halftime show earlier this year.

As for Rihanna, her highly-anticipated R8 album is remain to be seen or heard. The singer has released three singles and is expected to release a fourth one from the unreleased album. It’s unclear whether Rihanna’s fourth single will be the Taylor Swift diss track.

[Image: Larry Busacca / Getty Images for NARAS]