Ashley Monroe Talks Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton Support For New Album Despite Divorce

Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert are apparently best of friends. The Blake Shelton divorce isn’t changing how Lambert and Shelton get along with Monroe, either.

A recent Twitter exchange between country music’s latest split couple showed nothing but love all around. Not only are Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton still good friends, but they even helped promote their friend’s latest album.

A recent interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday revealed the country singer’s discovery. Lambert and Shelton had set up a Twitter exchange about the new Ashley Monroe album, The Blade.

Blake had given her notice of what they’d done, but Monroe was ecstatic about, and a little confused by, the Twitter dialogue.

“When I saw the tweets I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ Then I was thinking, ‘This puts me in the middle and I don’t know what’s happening! But it took a not-so-fun situation and put the attention on me! I loved it.

Blake is one of my best friends and so is she. So they both love me so much.”

Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert have also supported each other on stage, with Lambert showing up at Monroe’s album release party. She’d had no intention of singing, but by the middle of the show, Lambert joined her friend and sang along with songs such as “Heart Like Mine.”

Following the event, Monroe gushed about Lambert’s support.

“I loved it. Miranda’s obviously my best friend in the world. So, she would do anything for me … she just decided [to sing with me] on the fly … she was probably a couple cocktails in, a little more loose. But, I talked to her the next day. She didn’t regret it. It’s all good.”

The Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorce hasn’t all been sad news, it seems. Even though Lambert had broken down on stage shortly before the divorce had been announced, they have plenty of love to share, even for their friends.

The love that Ashley Monroe had received from Miranda Lambert and her soon-to-be ex-husband proved that all has not been lost.

[Image via Jason Merritt / Getty Images]