WWE News: Former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Coming To WWE

WWE is known for bringing in talent from all walks of life. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, fighter, football player, or simply an Indy talent, WWE might take a chance on you if they see something within you that can work for them. It appears as if WWE has seen such with former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen. Chael has been doing a lot of announcing and analysis for MMA, but also for pro-wrestling.

While we normally see Chael as an analyst on ESPN, he did work a great NJPW show earlier in the year with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. He recently signed on to do some announcer work with Global Force Wrestling. However, it appears as if Sonnen may not work with them for long.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Chael Sonnen is set to meet with WWE Announcer Michael Cole on August 11 at a WWE SmackDown taping in Portland, Oregon. The meeting was set up by WWE talent scout Gerald Brisco and WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Ceman. It appears that Cole will be seeing if Sonnen could fit with WWE as an announcer or analyst. Chael was in San Jose, California, during WrestleMania week months back, and had unofficial talks with Kevin Dunn about a WWE role. So, it appears WWE is now pursuing their interest in him further.

Sonnen does know the wrestling world well and has a great deal of experience in amateur wrestling, which he used while fighting in the UFC. When he transitioned into pro-wrestling announcing and analysis, it was pretty smooth for him. Chael Sonnen has always been known for having a mouth on him, which can be both good and bad for his potential WWE career.

Sonnen being able to talk certainly helps him in the role WWE wants him for. However, if he gets upset with something, he won’t back down most others would. Sonnen knows that he doesn’t need WWE, as ESPN could still use him, and he has offers in pro-wrestling wherever he wants. WWE would have to simply put him in a role that would fit him, and have him work with people that could exploit what Chael Sonnen does best.

Sonnen is great at analyzing what is going on during a match. He can tell you what is going on along with how the moves are effective. He would most likely fall under being a color commentator like a JBL or Jerry Lawler. Since Lawler is getting older, eventually WWE would want to replace him, and someone like Corey Graves or Chael Sonnen would fit this well.

It is unknown what exact role Chael Sonnen will have if he gets hired by WWE. One would imagine that he would start at WWE NXT and then go from there.

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